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R.I. State Police: Man's road rage led to fatal crash 'that should have never occurred'

RISP Road Rage

Numerous 911 calls from other drivers helped the state police piece together the events leading to the “road rage” crash that killed Erik Salazar — a 22-year-old Brooklyn man who was driving on Route 295 in Johnston last week.  Mitchell Savard, 41, was driving north in the high-speed lane of Route 295 when he switched lanes, cutting off a tow truck driver at about 9:50 a.m. on March 30.  The driver of the tow truck honked at Savard, state police said.  Savard, of Woonsocket, then began to “continually apply his brakes,” Capt. Matthew Moynihan said at a news conference at state police headquarters Wednesday. This behavior is “indicative of road rage,” he said.  After doing the “brake dance” for a few minutes Moynihan said Savard stopped his car in the center lane of the highway.  The driver of the tow truck — 28-year-old Trevor Armstrong — slammed his brakes.  Armstrong, of Bristol, Connecticut, suffered minor injuries.  A third vehicle, the box truck driven by Salazar, crashed into Armstrong’s truck. Moynihan said Salazar’s view of the road was obstructed by another vehicle that swerved out of the way.  Salazar was driving with 23-year-old Andy Salgado, also of Brooklyn, in the passenger seat.  Salgado remains in critical condition at Rhode Island Hospital.  Savard did not report injuries, the police said.  “We are upset about this tragic event,” Moynihan said.  “This crash should’ve never occurred.  It was completely avoidable.”