Massachusetts State Police and Tennessee Highway Patrol troopers injured while pulled over on the side of the highway

MSP - Massachusetts State Trooper was taken to the hospital with serious injuries after being
massachusetts stuck from behind by a tractor-trailer. He was released the next morning,  but requires follow-up care. The trooper was working a detail protecting a  road crew with his emergency lights activated.

 The Ford Expedition cruiser was severely damaged, the rear end crushed  by the force of impact, from the tractor-trailer. When hit the SUV was pushed from the right lane across three lanes striking guardrail. The tractor-trailer was also suffered severe damage and both vehicles were towed from the site.

The offending driver is facing charges of failing to move over for an emergency vehicle and road crew.



THP – Tennessee Highway Patrol was on the scene with Knox County Sheriff’s Office investigating and unrelated crash when a drunken driver, operating a Chevy Impala, hit one of the  KCSO vehicles. The KCSO TNvehicle spun into the THP  cruiser. The  cruiser then struck two deputies standing by a guard rail. The Impala,  before coming to a stop facing the wrong direction, struck a third deputy.  Trooper Michael Harrell was inside his cruiser when hit. Thankfully,  there were no serious injuries. The driver is charged with DUI and multiple  other charges.