Georgia trooper killed while investigating crash on I-75 in Clayton County

Georgia trooper killed while investigating crash on I75 in Clayton County PIC

February 20, 2024 

Georgia State Patrol Trooper First Class Chase Redner was killed in the line of duty while investigating a crash in Clayton County on Monday night, the Georgia Department of Public Safety announced.

Redner was investigating a fatal vehicle crash involving a construction worker on Interstate 75 North on Feb. 20 near Mt. Zion Boulevard when he was struck by a vehicle, according to GDPS.

He was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital where he passed away.

Redner was a graduate of the 103rd Trooper School and had been employed with GSP since 2017.

He most recently was a member of the GSP Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team, the same team which is now tasked with investigating his death.

"The Department of Public Safety sends its sincerest condolences and prayers to TFC Redner’s family and co-workers. Please keep TFC Redner’s family in your prayers as they cope with the loss of their loved one," the Georgia Department of Public Safety wrote on its Facebook page.

Redner was the second state trooper killed on duty in less than a month.Line

‘It’s a boy!’: Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper helps deliver 2nd baby on side of highway in less than a month

Its a boy Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper helps deliver 2nd baby on side of highway in less than a month pic

Feb.3, 2024

A Kansas Highway Patrol trooper is receiving praise for helping deliver not one, but two babies on the side of the highway in less than a month. 

Lauren and Mike Rosales left Ark City, Kansas, at about 3 a.m. on Jan. 12, hoping to make it to a Wichita hospital more than an hour away to welcome their second son into the world, but their baby had other ideas.

“The minute I told Mike that it was time to go, I just felt like we weren’t going to make it,” Lauren Rosales said. “All of a sudden, things got really real really fast and about the minute we got in the car, I was like, ‘Mike, this baby is coming. We’re not gonna make it.’”

Mike Rosales said his wife told him that he needed to pull over and the couple stopped on the side of Interstate 35 and called 911. Minutes later, Trooper Da’Von Brame came to the rescue.

The trooper stepped up as a calming force for the couple. He credited his training and the births of his three children with helping him with a checklist of what he needed to do. Brame knew the cold weather presented a concern, so he had blankets immediately available. “As long as the baby’s breathing and crying and staying warm, that’s what you do until paramedics get there,” he said.

With Brame’s help, Pierson Rosales was born on the side of the Kansas Turnpike.

Baby Pierson had arrived! Mom, Dad, and KHP's newest Junior Trooper Pierson made their way to the hospital, and all are doing great! Pierson and his big brother will always have a KHP Trooper Bear watching out for them! Congratulations to the Rosales family!

Lauren and Mike Rosales are grateful for Brame, with Mike Rosales referring to him as a “godsend.”

With another three weeks passing since Pierson Rosales was born, Brame isn’t expecting lightning to strike for a third time. But if he’s called to assist with another roadside delivery, he’s ready!Line

New Connecticut State Police troopers awarded for saving fellow recruit's life at academy

New Connecticut State Police troopers awarded for saving fellow recruits life at academy pic1 New Connecticut State Police troopers awarded for saving fellow recruits life at academy pic 2

Seven new state troopers and two instructors have been awarded for saving a recruit's life last summer, officials say.

Connecticut State Police said trooper trainees Gunner Nunn, Julia Gettings, Justin Trzaski, Kelly Mazza, Lina Vivo, Nicholas Jamaitus and Donnell Niles received awards at their graduation ceremony Thursday for performing life-saving measures on a fellow recruit who collapsed at the Training Academy during the overnight hours last summer.

"After being sworn in as state troopers this morning during their graduation from the State Police Training Academy, the seven recruits, along with two academy instructors, were awarded the Medal for Lifesaving for responding to another recruit who was suffering from a severe medical emergency," police said. "This is believed to be the first time newly sworn CT state troopers were awarded medals at their graduation."

Police said the two instructors who received awards were Trooper First Class Donald Dunning and Sgt. Jason St. John.

On Aug. 18, police said, a female recruit suffered a medical emergency during the early-morning hours. Police said her two roommates rendered urgent care before other recruits, some with extensive medal training, arrived to assist. They said their rapid response and their assistance with arriving emergency medical personnel is commendable, adding they were only in their ninth week of the 28-week academy.

"After providing immediate emergency medical care on site, academy staff and recruits coordinated ambulatory transport to Midstate Medical Center in Meriden and communication with the family of the recruit," they said. "Doctors and staff at Midstate (Medical Center) quickly determined that the recruit in medical distress required urgent treatment from a facility with a higher level of care. However, severe thunderstorms prevented transport by helicopter."

Police said the ambulance that arrived to transport the recruit to Yale-New Haven Hospital struggled to navigate through heavy traffic because of the bad weather during rush hour, so academy staff cleared a path of travel and escorted it with emergency lights and sirens.

Once at the hospital, police said, the recruit was rushed into an operating room where doctors were able to identify and treat the cause of her medical emergency during surgery. They said Yale medical staff and the recruit's family directly attributed the patient's survival to the response of academy staff and recruits.

"At a time of crisis, the support demonstrated by the staff and recruits during and after the incident displayed professionalism and care that went above and beyond expectations," they said.Line

Iowa State Trooper Joseph Lang recognized for lifesaving actions during Perry High School shooting

Iowa state trooper recognized for saving life perry school shooting pic

Jan. 10, 2024

During her annual Condition of the State address, Gov. Kim Reynolds thanked all the law enforcement officers, first responders, and federal agents who responded to the scene of the January 4th Perry High School Shooting.

Gov. Reynolds also gave special recognition to State Trooper Joseph Lang, who was one of the first responders to arrive on site. Lang was commended for his quick precise reactions which ultimately saved a victim’s life.

Upon entering the building, Trooper Lang was directed to a critically injured victim. Trooper Lang quickly assessed the injury and successfully treated wounds and applied a tourniquet exactly as trained. This training saved a life.

Every House and Senate lawmaker as well as the members of the Iowa Supreme Court stood to applaud Lang, who watched the speech from the House gallery.

Until last year Lang was a motor vehicle officer under the Department of Transportation.

During his training to become a State Trooper Lang was proficiently trained and outfitted with the right medical supplies for this type of situation.Line

Arkansas State Trooper saves stranded motorist

Arkansas State Trooper saves stranded motorist pic

January 25, 2024

On a bone-chilling Saturday night in Arkansas, State Trooper Brandon Bird came across a vehicle on Interstate 40 that he initially thought was abandoned. Upon closer inspection, he discovered an older man in the car who was disoriented and out of gas.

The man told Trooper Bird that he had been stranded on the side of the road for several hours and desperately needed help. Trooper Bird's compassion and care were on full display as he reached out to the man's family, who lived on the other side of the state, to ensure they were aware of his condition.

With the subfreezing temperatures posing a real danger to the man's survival, Trooper Bird secured a room for the gentleman in a local hotel. He made sure he was safe and secure for the night and paid for the hotel, showing his generosity and selflessness.

The man's emotional distress, combined with the dangerously cold temperatures, could have proved to be a lethal mix had he stayed in his car overnight. Trooper Bird's gentle persistence and kindness may have saved his life. His actions are a testament to the Arkansas State Police's unwavering dedication and commitment to serving and protecting the community.

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