ND Troopers Growing Mustaches for "No Shave November" in support of fellow SD Trooper

North Dakota Highway Patrol troopers are growing their mustaches to support South Dakota Tpr. Zachary Bader, calling it “No Shave November.”Zac Bader

“Everyone kind of gets a laugh out of it, most of the guys don't have a mustache, generally pretty clean shaven, so to see people walking around and kind of hiding their face, because they're kind of maybe a little bit embarrassed by it, but I think it's good. It has helped us really raise awareness," says Sgt. Steve Johnson.

He hopes the mustaches will help bring out a smile and raise awareness.

Bader suffered serious injuries after being assaulted during a traffic stop and was left for dead in October. He had extensive injuries to his head, including broken bones and was found bleeding and semi-conscious along the roadway. Bader was recently released from a Rapid City hospital and is recovering but has a long road ahead of him.

Troopers say funds are being raised to help with medical expenses. Some of it is coming from money patrolmen are saving by not shaving. So far the GoFundMeaccount set up by Bader's family has raised more than $61,000.

Four Washington state residents are charged in the assault that injured Bader. One of them has been charged with attempting to murder and to assaulting Bader; two others with being accessories to attempted murder and to the assault of a law enforcement officer. All four were charged with possessing more than a pound of pot with the intent to distribute it. Authorities say they recovered more than 50 pounds of marijuana, $33,000 in cash and a handgun after the incident.


NC State Highway Patrol Troopers Receive Awards

Colonel Bill Grey, commander of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, and Frank L. Perry, secretary of the Department of Public Safety, presented several members and citizens with awards in a ceremony November 17, 20105. The awards given included the State Highway Patrol Meritorious Service, Samaritan and Appreciation.

Meritorious Service Award:SHPTrooperBerronSgtGates

The Highway Patrol Meritorious Service Award is given by the Patrol to a member or members who serve the state of North Carolina in an outstanding manner.

Trooper Joe D. Berrong, II – Troop F, District 9, Wilkesboro and Sgt. Benjamin P. Gates – Troop E, District 9, Salisbury for representing the State Highway Patrol in St. Louis, Missouri while competing in the 2015 North American Inspectors Challenge -- and they won.


Samaritan Service Awards:

The Highway Patrol Samaritan Award is an award bestowed to a member of the Patrol who went beyond the call of duty to aid or assist a fellow citizen.


Trooper Paul Howard, Jr. – Troop B, District 4 – Kenansville

Trooper Jeremy C. Freeman – Troop B, District 5 – Elizabethtown

Trooper David W. Emory – Troop I, District 3 – Greenville

Trooper Patrick E. Ellis – Troop E, District 5 – Mount Airy

Sgt. Benjamin P. Gates – Troop E, District 9 – Salisbury

Trooper Stephen S. Allred – Troop G, District 5 – Silva

Trooper Jordan E. Parton, Trooper Samuel D. Martin – Troop F, District 4 – Statesville


“The sacrifices displayed by the sworn and civilian members of the State Highway Patrol serve as outstanding examples of the unwavering service provided by state employees,” Perry said.

“The men and women honored here today have demonstrated exceptional dedication to the citizens of North Carolina,” said Colonel Grey. “I am proud to work with employees that display such a willingness to serve.”

Courtesy of North Carolina Department of Public Safety


Alabama State Troopers are Caught in the Act and Honored for Their Actions

AL Troopers HonoredAlabama State Troopers were honored Friday, Nov. 13, 2015 for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Troopers Justin O'Neal, Delvylon Williams, Richard Pittman and JT Morrow were honored by Governor Robert Bentley.

Trooper Justin O’Neal helped a homeless man he found walking along the interstate that hadn’t eaten in days. “I just felt with my heart that the man was hungry and needed something to eat so I stopped and bought him some McDonald's and took him as far as I could. Being a Christian and a good person that's just something that everybody needs to do. A lot of people think we're just out here to enforce laws and take people to jail; a lot of people have a bad eye toward law enforcement nowadays so anything that looks positive for us is always a good thing, it looks good for police officers in general, not all police officers are bad people, and we are generally good people that do this on a regular basis,” said Trooper Justin O’Neal.

Trooper Delvylon Williams bought meals for a homeless father and son. "I have two kids, and I wouldn't want anyone to do me like that, so I just went by and gave them something to eat. We do this every day, and today we just got recognized for it. We all do good things out there other than what you see, stuff happening in the media but this is the positive thing, and I'm glad to show the positive thing we all do as law enforcement agents across the country,” said Trooper Williams.

Trooper Richard Pittman and Capitol Patrol Trooper J.T. Morrow were also honored for helping a veteran.

It seems that Alabama state troopers live by their motto of "courtesy, service, protection,” everyday.


Louisiana State Troopers had the honor of welcoming a new trooper to the select ranks of the Louisiana State Police

Louisiana State Troopers had the honor of welcoming Trooper Thomas Walton to the select ranks of the Louisiana State Police.LA

Thomas Walton is a brave 8 year old boy who was born with 4 holes in his heart, 1 atrial septal defect and 3 ventricular septal defects. Fortunately, three of the holes closed on their own during the first three years of his life; however, the remaining hole will be operated on soon.

Trooper Thomas began his day with a tour of the LSP Training Academy where he met with cadets from LSP Cadet Class #94 and viewed LSP vehicles and equipment making sure the motor units were ready for the day ahead.

 Tpr. Walton then visited with Colonel Edmonson to receive his honorary LSP Commission and enjoy some quality time over breakfast in the DPS cafeteria.

 After a hearty breakfast, Trooper Thomas Walton traveled to theJoint Emergency Services Training Center to receive lessons on pursuit driving, motorcycle patrol and LSP K-9 narcotics detection. He commanded the chopper and perfected his sniper skills. He went about his day making sure everyone stayed safe.





New York State Police Trooper Joseph Menna was hit by a car Saturday night

New York State Police Trooper Joseph Menna was hit by a car Saturday night.NY

Trooper Menna stopped a Chevrolet Suburban for a traffic violation. While approaching the offending vehicle, chaos erupted behind him. The driver of a Chevrolet Cobalt braked suddenly, lost control and struck a Honda Odyssey. At the same moment the driver of a Buick was attempting to merge into the lane of the Cobalt and hit the car, pushing it into the parked Suburban.

The trooper was then struck by the Suburban, knocking him over the guardrail where he fell down the embankment.

Trooper Menna was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and was released, declining medical attention.


Three Ohio State Highway Patrol Troopers Honored for Saving Lives

Three Ohio State Highway Patrol Troopers were honored Wednesday for saving the lives of Two Citizens.OHIo rewards

Trooper Matthew Stoffer received a certificate of recognition for his lifesaving efforts. Stoffer was responding to a call of an erratic driver. When the man pulled over, he yelled for help. His 1-year-old daughter wasn't breathing.

“As he picked up the lifeless baby from the child seat and placed it on the front seat, he swept the baby’s mouth thinking possibly the baby was choking and started chest compressions,” said Mansfield post Commander Lt. Matt Them. “At that point the baby began to breathe on its own, which it was not previously. The parents advised the baby was sick and became unresponsive and they were trying to get to the hospital.” After the baby began to breathe, the ambulance came and the girl was flown to Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus.

Trooper Stoffer hopes to see her again one day.

Troopers Steve Gillum and Drew Nelson were honored with a Governor's Resolution. Troopers Nelson and Gillum were on patrol Sept. 3, when they were called to assist the Mansfield Police Department on an attempted suicide call, Lt. Matt Them said. A woman called police saying a man was threatening on social media to hang himself and that he would be at his grandmother's house.

When Nelson and Gillum knocked on the elderly woman’s door, she said she was the only person home. A quick search found that to be true, Them said. But before leaving, Nelson and Gillum asked to search a detached garage. There were no windows, Gillum said. They needed to be sure the man was not harming himself elsewhere on the property.

The woman said her grandson wouldn’t be there, but agreed to let them check. When the troopers stepped inside, they found the man hanging from the rafters, a rope around his neck. They immediately lifted the man and cut the rope. He regained consciousness shortly after.

District Capt. David Church from Bucyrus commended the troopers on a job well done.


Trooper Wounded in Deadly Ambush Reaches His Goal of Completing the New York City Marathon

DouglassA Pennsylvania State Police trooper who was critically injured during an ambush at a police barracks last year completed the New York City Marathon last weekend in the hand cycle category. In an interview done May 2015, Tpr. Douglass stated the marathon was his goal.

Trooper Alex Douglass of Dunmore placed 47th in the 26-mile race Sunday using a three-wheeled cycle that's powered by hand. He completed the race in two hours and 33 minutes.

Douglass underwent a full hip replacement and has had difficulties walking since the shooting on Sept. 12, 2014. He had numerous surgeries before the replacement.


WANTED! Runners for Trooper Dees!


On Jan. 23 run 7.31 miles to honor Trooper Nicholas Dees.


The Trooper Nicholas Dees Memorial Run is to bring awareness to Don't Text and Drive. Trooper Dees was killed while working an accident on I-40 by a man who was Texting and Driving which was not a law at the time.  Nicholas paid the ultimate sacrifice for the State of Oklahoma and because of his death Oklahoma now has a Don't Text and Drive Law.  All proceeds will be going to children of Law Enforcement officers who are pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice. The Chahta Foundation will collect all proceeds, and the Choctaw Nation will match donations dollar for dollar. Click here for registration details.


If you cannot be at the run, but still wish to join, register for the virtual run click here for details.


Two Parents made a quick dash to the store for makeup to complete their children’s Halloween costumes, but did not come back home

Two Parents made a quick dash to the store for makeup to complete their children’s Halloween costumes, but did not come back home. Donald and Crystal Howard died in a horrible car crash and left behind their four children. Thankfully, the children had a “Guardian Trooper” for the night.

Crystal Howard According to the GoFundMe Page set up by Trooper Nathan Bradley, here is the  account of what happened:

 This past Halloween (Oct. 31, 2015,), I overheard an operator going over the details of  a wreck with a trooper that was a couple of counties away. "Single vehicle wreck with  possible fatalities" she regrettably informed. After a drive that would feel like an  eternity, I could see a display of blue, red and amber lights in the distance. I exited my  patrol car and felt the stillness in the air - the emergency personnel weren't scurrying  and a crowd of witnesses were covering their mouths off to the side. I approached the  horrific scene to validate what I had already suspected.  They had matching addresses,  which was less than a mile away.
 A county deputy, the deputy coroner and I made our way to the house that was backed into the woods. You could hear dogs barking behind the wooden door as we knocked with desperation. The door hesitantly opened and there behind the locked screen door stood four children in full costume - a 13-year-old Freddy Krueger, 10-year-old daughter of a Dracula, 8-year-old wizard and a 6-year-old that appeared to be a firefighting ninja turtle. We were lost with words. The deputy then asked the eldest boy if anybody was home, hoping for a 'Yes' but the boy would unknowingly disappoint us. "My parents went to the store to get more face paint. They told us not to open the door for anybody, but they should be back soon."
We were able to reach the children’s paternal grandmother. She informed me that she lived in south Florida, but would be on her way. 

I ran over to the children and asked if any of them would like to go eat with me. Again, they mentioned their parents would be arriving soon. It was important to me that I would not lie to them. I acknowledge their statement and threw out that their grandmother would be meeting with us later that evening. They piled into the unit and buckled up. I activated the emergency equipment in a poor attempt to occupy their minds. The eldest son told me that he thought my campaign cover and two trooper ball caps were cool. I thanked him for his compliment and told him he could wear them, if he chooses. When I asked where they liked to eat, I was bombarded with four separate suggestions. 

I was amazed at the maturity level of the "children." I asked how they get to be so smart. They gave credit to their parents, whom homeschooled each of them. The eldest stated his mother was the teacher, but his father was the principal. We both chuckled.

Their Grandmother arrived just before dawn. We discussed the mechanics of the crash, her role as their guardian and options available when it comes to howard familyfuneral arrangements. We both agreed that it would be best for the children to finish sleeping and to be told of their parent's fate the next day. We hoped that they would then relate the tragedy to Nov. 1, rather than Halloween. After the children woke up, we walked them to the truck so that they could head home. The 13-year-old would remind us of the task ahead by saying "Hopefully mom and dad will be home by now." I wanted to remain in these children lives, so I took one of my trooper ball caps and on the bill, I wrote a note telling the eldest to never change. I also wrote down my number so that he could contact me if he needed support.

I was contacted by the 13-year-old this morning; I was glad he felt comfortable reaching out to me. He told me that it is going to cost his grandparents $7,000 to transport his parents to Florida and the remaining funeral costs. This is important to me because I have bonded so closely with this family. We weighed out other options and I strongly disagree with the parents being left in Georgia, while the family remains in Florida. These children must be able to visit their parents' graves during their adolescent years and well into their adult years.

As of now the GoFundMe Page has exceeded it's goal of $7,000 (click here for more).


One dead and one wounded after a California Highway Patrol officer makes a traffic stop

chpA California Highway Patrol Officer made a traffic stop and had to return fire after one of the vehicle’s occupants began shooting at him.

Eureka Police Chief Andrew Mills stated that after the officer made the stop a man got out of the car and began firing a handgun, striking the officer in the leg. The officer returned fire and fatally wounded the suspect.

The CHP officer held the other three passengers of the vehicle at gunpoint until backup officers arrived. He was then taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.


West Virginia State Police Receive AAST's 2015 National Best Looking Cruiser Award

American Association of State Trooper’s Virginia State Director Jim Clare, Jr. (retired) and First Vice President Jeff Lane presented West Virginia State Police with the award of National Best Looking Cruiser Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015. The ceremony took place at the State Police’s Academy and there to receive the award were Captain Michael Corsaro, Major Bill Scott and Captain Reggie Patterson, all of West Virginia’s State Police. 

AAST WV 2015 Cruiser Award

 The national 2015 Best-Looking Cruiser Contest winners are decided by followers of AAST’s Facebook page. Out of 48 submissions from different state  agencies, West Virginia won this year’s title with Ohio (last year’s winner) not far behind. The top 13 cruisers are featured in a 2016 wall calendar.

 “Looking at the contest daily, seeing some of the ‘likes’ and the comments, I suspect a vast majority of those folks were probably here in West Virginia  supporting their home state and that says a lot about West Virginia,” said Jeff Lane said before the ceremony began.  He went on to explain, “The contest is meant  to support the foundation, which supports troopers in times of need. Scholarships are also available for children of state troopers in the United States.”

(Pictured from L to R: Captain Michael Corsaro, Jim Clare, Jr., Major Bill Scott, Jeff Lane, Captain Reggie Patterson)

WV Cruiser 2015

“It really means a lot to us,” said Lt. Michael Baylous. “This is just a simple contest. We have a population of about 1.7 million and although many  states have  larger  populations, the pride in West Virginia shows.” Lt. Baylous stated that it felt good to know that West Virginians supports their troopers.

 Behind that “beautiful blue and gold color scheme," is a Ford Interceptor with a twin turbo charged engine,” Baylous said. Lane statethat while the cruiser is  unique, it also adds to a state trooper’s identity.


Vermont State Police granted a young boy his wish in a big way. Bennett Stenger’s one wish, when asked by Make-A-Wish Foundation, was to ride along with a Vermont State Police Officer. Bennett has rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS), a type of cancer that develops in

vermont-boy-2Vermont State Police granted a young boy his wish in a big way. Bennett Stenger’s one wish, when asked by Make-A-Wish Foundation, was to ride along with a Vermont State Police Officer.

Bennett has rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS), a type of cancer that develops in the body’s soft tissues and can spread affecting other areas of the body.

When VSP commanders learned of the boy’s wish, they did so much more than just a ride along. He and his brother, Chase, were made honorary troopers for an entire day. They received uniforms and rode in a cruiser, but it didn’t end there. The boys also got to see the bomb squad in motion when they blew up pumpkins as a demo and got to control the bomb squad robots. The Tactical Services Unit was a part of the special day as well. They got to see a deployment.

The troopers said they were thrilled to give Bennett, along with his family, a special day away from cancer and hopes he can bust cancer for good.

Vermont K-9 Xander Caught in the Act

Vermont K-9K-9 Xander of the Vermont State Police was busted! But, it was in a good way. He decided to extend his expertise to dispatching. We think Xander would make a great dispatcher if only he could speak as a human, not just as a dog. Sorry Xander! But, you are positively applauded for your efforts.


Vermont State Police put his picture on Facebook and asked followers to caption it. Our favorite caption was, by Bonita Compton Harmel, Ohhhh shucks....... What was that code for crazy cat on the loose???

To see more captions, visit Vermont State Police Facebook Page.

2016 Best Looking Cruiser Wall Calendar

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W. Virginia State Troopers Make Special Deliveries

As a state trooper you never know what your day may bring, but Monday, Oct. 5, 2015, a call in to make a special delivery that brought smiles and joy to everyone involved. CQj9F2iWsAAcYdvWest Virginia State  Troopers gave stuffed animal bears to children fighting battles against  cancer at Women and Children’s Hospital. The bears were provided by  Bikers Against Child Abuse.

 "When you get a chance to give back and really be involved and meet  the kids that we get to serve, it's truly an honor," said Evan Osborn,  development director.

 Ellie Washington was one of the children that received a stuffed bear  from the troopers. Less than 2 years old, Ellie was diagnosed with  cancer  in her ear.

"One minute your child is perfectly healthy and then the next minute, your world is all about cancer. I mean, all we do is chemo, and making sure everything's clean and keeping everybody well. I mean, your world completely changes. She's worth every minute of it," says her mother, Jessica. With help from the Ronald McDonald House, she is able to receive treatment in New York.

"You come down here and try to be a blessing and you end up receiving the blessing. So wonderful to see these kids and see a smile on their face because you know they're going through some difficult times," says Lt. Michael Baylous.

The small act of kindness goes along with what the Ronald McDonald House aims to do. Building love, and bridging hearts, as a bright new future for them begins.

The third annual McTrooper 5K is Saturday, Oct. 10, at 9 a.m. and begins at the Frontier Communications Building on MacCorkle Avenue in Kanawha City. All registration information can be found at Ronald McDonald House Charities.

~Courtesy of WCHS ABC 8 and W. Virginia State Police