Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper Class 92 Commissioned

Wyoming 92nd recruit class

It takes a special person to become a Wyoming State Trooper.  They have to be willing to give much more then they will ever get back.  They have to be committed to serve and protect all people in Wyoming with courtesy, professionalism and integrity.  Our newest troopers are up to the challenge.  The Trooper Basic Academy has concluded and the members of the academy recently  commissioned (March 23rd) where they took their oaths of office and transitioned from their "Recruit" badges to their official badges in front of family and friends.  The ceremony marked the 92nd graduated Wyoming Highway Patrol Academy Class.  These troopers recently completed an intensive training period of instruction.  During the Trooper Basic Academy, they were instructed in a variety of classes including firearms, commercial carrier training, physical training, Radar/LIDAR use, emergency vehicle operation, custody and control, crash investigation and others.



Fellow officers keep badly injured Trooper's promise to son

FHP officers attend basketball game

Before Friday's horrific accident on the Dolphin Expressway, Trooper Carlos Rosario-Flores had planned to watch his son play in an all-star basketball game on Sunday.  The 12-year veteran of the Florida Highway Patrol was instead in a hospital room at Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center hooked up to machines and recovering from multiple surgeries.  But Joshua wouldn't be alone on this day when he took the court just a few blocks away from the hospital at the Slam Arena.  Joshua was surrounded by the only people who truly understood what a life of service can take from a family.  "Today we stood proud with #FHP as we supported Trooper Rosario-Flores' son at his basketball game," Miami police posted on social media.  Law enforcement officers filled an entire section of the bleachers — not just five or six officers, but at least 39, and not just from Florida Highway Patrol.  Miami officers came as did men and women from other agencies — officers standing shoulder to shoulder to help the badly injured trooper keep a promise to his son.  Such a simple gesture, but it sent a clear message that the Miami trooper's family was not alone.



Indiana State trooper finds estimated $400,000 in illegal drugs during traffic stop

ISP CVE Drug bust

On Monday afternoon at around 1:46, an Indiana State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement trooper stopped a tractor-trailer combination on eastbound Interstate 70 near the 41 mile-marker for a routine compliance inspection.  During conversations with the occupants, the trooper developed probable cause for a vehicle search and requested additional ISP CVED troopers.  During a search of the cab, troopers found (609) Marijuana edibles, (1497) Marijuana smoking devices, (456) ounces of Marijuana syrup, (7) pounds of Marijuana plant, (400) controlled substance pills, and (20) Fentanyl transdermal patches, inside suitcases within the cab area.  The driver was identified as 24-year-old Christian Calmus of Phoenix, AZ.  The passenger was identified as 34-year-old Sergo Guyumjian of Flushing, NY.  Both men were incarcerated in the Putnam County Jail on felony charges of Dealing Marijuana over (10) pounds and Possession of Narcotic drugs.  The tractor-trailer loaded with seafood was enroute from California to New York.  The New York street value is estimated at $400,000.



Dramatic video captures motorcycle chase, attack on trooper


On Monday, dramatic dashcam video was released of a police chase in Berrien Township that ended with a Michigan state trooper being attacked last month.  The full clip runs just under 50 minutes and shows the remarkable account of what happened the morning of February 20.  Two men, 21-year-old Michael Barber and his 19-year-old brother, Travis Wise were arrested for attacking Trooper Garry Guild.  Both men face multiple charges, including assault and resisting an officer.  The dashcam video starts at 8:40 a.m.  In the video, you’ll see Michael Barber speed past. He’s riding a stolen motorcycle on U.S. 31 near Matthew Road.  Michigan State Trooper Garry Guild attempts to stop him.  Barber slows down and pulls off to the right in what appears to be a surrender; however, he then he speeds up and re-enters the freeway.  Guild's sirens and lights flip on and the chase continues.  Cut to 8:43 a.m. and Barber still has not stopped.  He heads up the exit ramp then breaks left across a median and crashes.  You can hear Trooper Garry Guild yell, “he crashed, he crashed."  Barber gets up but ignores Guild's commands to get on the ground and a struggle ensues. The trooper tries to gain control of the driver, but soon another vehicle pulls up.  Barber's brother, Travis Wise runs toward the scene and puts the officer in a chokehold.  Meantime, Barber tries to grab Guild's weapon.  Around 8:44 a.m., two Good Samaritans pull over and run to Guild's rescue.  Both Barber and Wise were arrested at the scene.  They face numerous charges, with Assault Strangulation carrying the most weight at 10 years if found guilty.



El Paso boy united with service dog and former Vermont state trooper who changed his life

El Paso service dog

An El Paso boy was united with a friend that will change his life forever.  It’s a story about a boy finding his best friend, a mother looking for hope, and a man with a dog across the country wanting to change a life.  And this story all started with a laugh.  Tristan Siller is a five-year-old boy who fell in love with a dog named Max.  Max is a former K-9 Unit dog for the Vermont state troopers.  “The first time we saw a max video was when Tristan was in the hospital,” said Monica Siller, Tristan’s mother.  Siller said her son suffers from a condition.  “He was supposed to be admitted into a hospital to start a diet, but he was admitted because he had a twenty-minute seizure,” Siller said.  During Tristan’s time in the hospital, his mother said he found comfort from Max the dog.  “We were on Facebook and that video showed up, and I showed it to Tristan,” Siller said.   “Once I showed him, it was like a complete change.  He went from being sad and upset to this super happy laughing baby.”  Max’s owner, Nick Arlington is a former Vermont state trooper.  He recorded a video of Max chasing water from a hose and posted it on Max’s Facebook page.  Siller recorded her son laughing at the video of Max, and then sent it to Arlington.  “She told me he has autism with seizures, and I ended up asking her if he had a service dog or not,” Arlington said.  Arlington and Max helped Siller raise $10,000 in order for Tristan to get his own service dog to help with his seizures.  Siller recently drove to Colorado Springs to get her son’s service Dog, Mooshu.  Mooshu is a new friend for Tristan, and their relationship is a start to a new life.  “Mooshu is a very good protector,” Siller said.  “As soon as he sees Tristan on the floor Mooshu runs to see if he’s okay.  Tristan calms down much faster now that Mooshu is around.”  But that isn’t the only person who is around.  “I never actually met Monica or Tristan in real life,” Arlington said.  “I figured that now that I live in Florida, it’s only a 24-hour drive to El Paso.”  Arlington came to El Paso to see Tristan and Mooshu together for the first time.  “It’s so awesome that he’s here,” Siller said.  “We get to actually meet the person who potentially saved my son’s life.”  “Just to see the happiness that Mooshu brings to Tristan is incredible,” Arlington said. “That’s what it’s about.”  Siller said she couldn’t be more grateful for all the help Arlington provided.  As for Arlington, he is retired from the Vermont state police along with his dog Max.  They are both living in Florida.  “Max is doing well,” Arlington said.  “He’s enjoying the retirement life by gaining 20 pounds.”