Girl Scouts plant memorial tree for trooper killed in line of duty

 girl scouts


When Girl Scout Troop 50410 needed to plant a tree for the final portion of its tree badge, the scouts knew exactly where they wanted to plant it and why.  In a small ceremony, outside of the Elyria Post of the Highway Patrol, 3800 Cletus Drive, four members of the troop planted a magnolia tree and placed a commemorative marker in memory of fallen Trooper Kenny Velez on Nov. 7.  Katy Andrijowych, leader of the troop, said that planting the tree was the last part in the scouts receiving their tree badge.  The other requirements for the badge included learning the different types of trees, the different parts of trees and identifying trees.  The girls completed the previous portions of the requirements during a daylong visit to the Holden Arboretum in Kirtland.  The arboretum also supplied the magnolia tree that the girls would plant.  When the scouts were asked where they wanted to plant their tree, they decided within seconds, Andrijowych said.  “The final part of the tree badge is to plant a tree,” she said.  “The girls chose to put the tree here in memory of Trooper Velez. It took them about 30 seconds to decide; all on their own.”  Velez’ niece, Brooke Bratovich, was formerly a member of Troop 50410.  Morgan Bosworth, 12, of Amherst, holds the rank of Cadette with the scouts.  She said that the troop hoped that the tree would serve as a reminder to the community that Velez was loved and would be missed.  “Once we found out he died, we wanted to do something to show that we were sad that he died,” Morgan said.


Retired New Jersey State Trooper surprises girlfriend with proposal at Eagles game

NJ Proposal


Even though the Eagles didn't win, it was still a celebration for all New Jersey State Police.  Retired Trooper Brian Malast surprised his girlfriend and proposed before Sunday's game at MetLife Stadium.  Malast was paralyzed from the neck down in a car accident while on the job in 2005.  Malast got a little help from his fellow troopers to pull off the surprise in front of their family and friends.  Even though the Eagles didn't win, it was still a celebration for all New Jersey State Police.  And his girlfriend said yes!  Congrats to the couple.


Maryland State Police gain 46 new troopers from the 145th Trooper Candidate Class

MDSP graduation

The 46 candidates stood with their right hands in the air as they shouted their names. As a group they said the oath of office, and after an award presentation, they were pinned as new Maryland State Police troopers.  The 145th Trooper Candidate Class graduated at LifePoint Church in Reisterstown in front of friends, family members, other police officers and the Maryland governor.  After 26 weeks of training at the Maryland State Police Academy in Sykesville, the class members can now call themselves troopers.  Before they received their pins, the candidates heard speeches from Col. William Pallozzi, the Maryland State Police superintendent, Gov. Larry Hogan and one of their classmates.  Hogan and Pallozzi told the troopers that graduation was something that they will always cherish.  "I hope you realize the significance of this day and take in every moment," Pallozzi said.  "You'll remember this day forever."  They both pledged their support for the troopers, with Pallozzi thanking Hogan for his continued support of Maryland State Police.  After the graduation, Hogan told the Carroll County Times that he includes funds in his budget to allow for additional trooper classes.  This is the third graduation he's attended that was a result of that money, Hogan said.  "It's really important to me," he said.  During his speech, Hogan told the troopers that while the road to graduation was long, they had overcome the challenges that faced them.  The training that the troopers went through during the academy was a key point in Pallozzi's and their classmate's speeches as well.  Over the course of training, the troopers went through physical training as well as academic work, Trooper Timothy Kelly said during his speech.  Kelly's classmates elected him to be the class president.  Kelly was given three awards, including the Superintendent's Award and the award for overall achievement, before his father pinned his badge on.  Kelly's current assignment places him at the Frederick Barrack.  In his speech, Kelly said he's often asked whether he feels different going through the academy, and when he thought about it, he said he and his classmates have changed in many ways.  They are more alert, they have more self-discipline and they carry themselves with more confidence, he said.  Pallozzi told the graduating class that it is a privilege to wear a Maryland State Police badge, but it is one that they have all earned.  The training they received at the academy will allow them to help the public, he said.  "I urge you to come to work every day ready to make a difference," he said in his speech.  After the graduation, Pallozzi said that it is great to have more troopers on the road because it means they will be able to provide more services across the state.  "Any time you're getting new blood, new troopers, it's great for the organization," he said.  For the new troopers, he said, he hopes they will have safe careers.  That's a wish that Hogan shares.  Hogan said he appreciates what the troopers do each day and he respects them for putting their lives on the line.  "I couldn't be more proud of the men and women in this group," he said.



58 Recruits joined the ranks as Michigan State Police troopers

Michigan graduates


A total of 58 recruits joined the ranks as Michigan State Police troopers Friday.  They are graduates of the 130th Trooper Recruit School.  After they are sworn in, they’ll be assigned to posts in different parts of the state.  Out of the 58 recruits, 14 of them will be assigned to 6 local posts: Caro, Flint, Lapeer, Mt. Pleasant, Tri Cities and West Branch.  Governor Snyder was the keynote speaker at the ceremony.


44 new Virginia State Troopers graduate today

Virginia graduation

The Commonwealth will welcome 44 new Virginia State Troopers to the ranks Friday morning, marking the 124th generation to graduate from the State Police Training Academy.  The troopers completed 27 weeks of instruction in more than 100 different subjects, including defensive tactics, crime scene investigation, police professionalism, cultural diversity and crisis management.  Beginning Nov. 7, the troopers will be paired up with field training officers in their new patrol areas to complete a final 6-week phase of training.  The new troopers will be presented their diplomas during commencement exercises at 10 a.m. at the State Police Training Academy, 7700 Midlothian Turnpike.