2021 Trooper of The Year

The American Association of State Troopers is nationally recognizing Master Trooper Toni Schuck of the Florida Highway Patrol. Master Trooper Schuck exhibited not only bravery and courage, but extreme selflessness in protecting both the residents and visitors of Florida.

The American Association of State Troopers is proud to recognize Trooper Schuck as the 2023 Trooper of the Year for her heroic actions which prevented a threat to the public without concern for her own safety.

Trooper Schuck is being recognized for her heroic actions on March 6, 2022, while providing traffic control and security for the Armed Forces Family Skyway 10k. Trooper Schuck was assigned to the south rest area to close Interstate 275 (I-275) and part of a team with the responsibility of protecting approximately 8,000 runners crossing the northbound span of the iconic Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

Just before 9:00 AM, officers staffing traffic posts south of Trooper Schuck radioed that a BMW had driven through the barricades and traffic cones at US-41 at an estimated speed of 100 MPH. All efforts to overtake and stop the erratic driver were unsuccessful. The driver continued northbound on I-275, at a high rate of speed and refused to stop as she neared the starting line-up of the race where thousands of runners were located.

Acting with bravery and selflessness, realizing nothing stood between this dangerous driver and the unsuspecting runners, Trooper Schuck maneuvered her FHP Chevrolet Tahoe in the path of the BMW. With less than a ½ mile between Trooper Schuck and the runners, the BMW collided head-on with Trooper Schuck’s SUV, ending the threat to the runners, and leading to the DUI arrest of the driver who was determined to be heavily impaired.

Trooper Schuck sustained injuries but has since recovered and is back on the job protecting the residents and visitors of Florida. Trooper Schuck’s actions go above and beyond the call of duty and have gained national attention.

AAST would like to acknowledge and congratulate the other very worthy nominees for the 2023 AAST Trooper of the Year.

A presentation ceremony will take place later this year. We would like to thank SIG-SAUER our sponsor for the Trooper of the Year event along with our other marquee sponsors; AT&T FIRSTNET, TREMCO Police Products, AXON, Henry USA, and Federal Signal Corp

Kind Words

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Men and women, girls and boys, people of all ages came to the booth to deliver their messages of support.The Patrol acknowledges so many acts of kindness to our personnel over the last few weeks, and we say a humble thank you for your kindness, acknowledgment, and support.The kind words left on the notes were not taken for granted, and left such a positive impact that each and every note was saved.


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