Kansas trooper saves newborn baby who stopped breathing on Mother's Day

Kansas trooper saves newborn baby who stopped breathing on Mothers Day PIC1   Kansas trooper saves newborn baby who stopped breathing on Mothers Day PIC3 Kansas trooper saves newborn baby who stopped breathing on Mothers Day PIC2

May 21, 2024

An extraordinary story of heroism and quick thinking as Kansas Highway Patrol trooper became an unexpected hero when the parents of a newborn stopped on their way to church because their 18-day old baby girl stopped breathing.

Little Brexley's parents saw she wasn’t breathing in the car on the way to church in Greensburg on Mother’s Day.

They quickly called 911, and nearby Highway Patrol Master Trooper Evan Jacks heard the call come across the radio.

“I was back in my car conducting business when my radio went off, advising me what was going on. So, I returned to the person on the side road and gave them their stuff. And jetted back to the scene where they were at.”

Once Trooper Jacks got to the car, he found Brexley blue and not breathing.

He said that he recently saw paramedics help get his own child breathing and knew exactly what to do.

“I just rubbed her back vigorously and patted her back a few times to get her to start crying. I had a previous experience with my child nine months ago.”

Shortly after Trooper Jacks performed those life-saving measures on Brexley, the baby was transported to Kiowa County Hospital, where her family learned she had heart defects that were previously unknown.

Trooper Jacks was honored at the Triangle Club Rodeo for his heroic acts.Line

New York State Police Academy Graduation, 214th Session

New York State Police Academy Graduation 214th Session pic

The New York State Police Department welcomed 228 new troopers to its ranks.

The Basic School of the New York State Police Academy held a graduation ceremony for the new troopers at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center in Albany on Wednesday, May 14.

Trooper Jack Merritt, a graduate of SUNY Oneonta, was recognized as the class student representative for this session. He was awarded a firearm from the Troopers’ Police Benevolent Association. He served in the United States Marine Corps before attending the academy and will be assigned to Troop F, stationed out of Middletown.

The new troopers will report to their respective troops beginning on Friday, May 17, for 10 weeks of field training, which will be supervised by senior field training officers.

There are now 4,977 sworn members of New York State Police.

This is the 214th session graduation from the school.Line

Delaware State Trooper diagnosed with Acute form of Leukemia

Delaware State Trooper diagnosed with Acute form of Leukemia pic1 Delaware State Trooper diagnosed with Acute form of Leukemia pic2 Delaware State Trooper diagnosed with Acute form of Leukemia pic3

Kevin Schrader has been a Trooper with the Delaware State Police for the last 14 years. Kevin has dedicated his life to protecting and serving both the county and community. Prior to joining the Delaware State Police, Kevin was enlisted in The United States Air Force where he served two tours in Iraq.   Trooper Schrader has always demonstrated qualities that set an example for others and always put the wellbeing of others before his own.  

On May 3, 2024, during a routine work physical Delaware State Trooper, Kevin Schrader, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of T Cell Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. Due to the serious nature of this illness, he was immediately admitted into the hospital where he began intense treatment and will remain there for several months. During this treatment Kevin’s contact with family and friends is limited and he will not be able to see his 10-month-old daughter, Capri, at all during this time. Kevin and his wife Cpl. Courtney Schrader (DSP) used their Family Leave when their daughter was born, as she was premature and required a lengthy NICU stay. In continued efforts to help support the Schrader family DSP has allowed Cpl. Schrader to work remotely during this time. However, the financial burdens are and continue to be extensive.

Please click the links below to support Kevin, Courtney, and Capri during this challenging time. Thank you for your generosity and support.



California Highway Patrol swears in 106 new CHP officers

California Highway Patrol swears in 106 new CHP officers PIC

MAY 11, 2024

The newest members of the California Highway Patrol were sworn in on Friday during a graduation ceremony at the CHP Academy in West Sacramento.

The 106 officers are part of the CHP’s multiyear recruiting campaign to fill 1,000 vacant officer positions by hiring qualified individuals from California’s diverse communities.

“These men and women have chosen to dedicate themselves to a career in public service. They have completed several months of rigorous training at the CHP Academy to prepare them to serve the people of California,” said CHP Commissioner Sean Duryee. “While this job is one of the most difficult things they will do in their entire life, it is also the most rewarding thing that they will do, and we are proud to have them as part of the CHP family.”

The swearing-in ceremony for the new officers marks the completion of a challenging 26-week journey at the CHP Academy.

They will report to one of the 103 CHP Area offices throughout the state to begin serving the people of California.

At the CHP Academy, cadet training starts with nobility in policing, leadership, professionalism and ethics, and cultural diversity.

Additionally, cadets receive instruction on mental illness response and crisis intervention techniques.

Training also covers vehicle patrol, crash investigation, first aid, and the apprehension of suspected violators, including those who drive under the influence.

Cadets also receive training in traffic control, report writing, recovery of stolen vehicles, assisting the motoring public, issuing citations, emergency scene management and various codes, including the California Vehicle Code, Penal Code, and Health and Safety Code.

Iowa State Trooper survives tornado in car, patches window and continues helping victims

Iowa State Trooper survives tornado in car patches window and continues helping victims pic2 Iowa State Trooper survives tornado in car patches window and continues helping victims pic

April 29, 2024

An Iowa State Patrol trooper is lucky to be alive after being caught in a tornado that ripped through a small town.

Trooper Dustin Pieken found himself trapped in a whirlwind of tornado debris that crashed through his patrol car window near Minden on April 26, 2024.

With remarkable creativity, Trooper Pieken cleverly utilized materials he found in his trunk, including plastic sheeting, tape, and cardboard, to patch up his patrol vehicle. Once his patrol car was repaired enough to continue through his night shift, Trooper Pieken, drove to Minden (which took a direct hit from the tornado). Trooper Pieken went door to door checking on people and helping those affected by this catastrophic tornado. Line