Arkansas State Trooper saves stranded motorist

Arkansas State Trooper saves stranded motorist pic

January 25, 2024

On a bone-chilling Saturday night in Arkansas, State Trooper Brandon Bird came across a vehicle on Interstate 40 that he initially thought was abandoned. Upon closer inspection, he discovered an older man in the car who was disoriented and out of gas.

The man told Trooper Bird that he had been stranded on the side of the road for several hours and desperately needed help. Trooper Bird's compassion and care were on full display as he reached out to the man's family, who lived on the other side of the state, to ensure they were aware of his condition.

With the subfreezing temperatures posing a real danger to the man's survival, Trooper Bird secured a room for the gentleman in a local hotel. He made sure he was safe and secure for the night and paid for the hotel, showing his generosity and selflessness.

The man's emotional distress, combined with the dangerously cold temperatures, could have proved to be a lethal mix had he stayed in his car overnight. Trooper Bird's gentle persistence and kindness may have saved his life. His actions are a testament to the Arkansas State Police's unwavering dedication and commitment to serving and protecting the community.

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Pennsylvania State Troopers rescue injured Bald Eagle

Pennsylvania State Troopers rescue injured Bald Eagle PIC

Feb 12, 2024

Two Pennsylvania State Troopers rescued a bald eagle that was injured after being hit by a vehicle in Perry County.

Troopers Ebbert and Rizzo had responded to an incident where a bald eagle had been struck by a vehicle on Rt. 322 in Greenwood Township, which caused the eagle to suffer from an injured wing.

State Police say Trooper Ebbert was able to use his cruiser jacket to wrap the bird and to make sure it was secure while transporting it.

The troopers met with Pennsylvania Game Commission wardens at the Pennsylvania State Police Newport Barracks who took the bird in for rehabilitation.

Bald eagles are among the largest birds of prey. They may weigh up to 14 pounds and have seven-foot wingspans. In Pennsylvania, over 250 nesting bald eagles were documented in the state in 2013, with that number increasing yearly, according to the Game Commission.Line

Nebraska Trooper and deputy honored for saving kids from partially submerged vehicle

Nebraska Trooper and deputy honored for saving kids from partially submerged vehicle pic1 Nebraska Trooper and deputy honored for saving kids from partially submerged vehicle pic2

January 2, 2024

On Thanksgiving night, Nebraska State Patrol Trooper Alex Coffman and Lincoln County Sheriff Deputy Tyler Schultz pulled three children from a partially submerged vehicle following a two-vehicle rollover collision on Interstate 80, near Hershey.

Coffman was the first on the scene, followed by Schultz

"It was a very intense situation, with two vehicles upside down and on their side near that river," Coffman said.

All of the adults were out of the vehicles, but three kids were trapped inside one vehicle in freezing water.

"Our training just kicks in, and there's just there's not really any other options other than getting kids out," Schultz said.

"The two younger boys were shivering. So I grabbed them, carried them up to my car," Coffman said.

But a 1 year old was still dangling from her car safety seat.

"Hanging upside down in the top of her head, was covered in water, and her hands were hanging above her head, submerged as well," Coffman said.

Body cam photos showed Coffman as he dove into the water to reach the car seat and cut it free with a knife.

Schultz then grabbed the toddler out of a broken window.

"The toddler that was in the car was about the same age. I have toddlers that age at home," Schultz said.

They were able to reunite the kid with their parents, who were being treated for non-life-threatening injuries at the hospital.

"All the children were completely fine, had some bruises, um, but they were completely okay," Coffman said.

On Friday, Gov. Jim Pillen and NSP Superintendent Col. John Bolduc honored the two during a ceremony at the state Capitol.

"We have a couple extraordinary heroes here that we want to celebrate," Pillen said.

Coffman was presented with the Nebraska State Patrol Lifesaver Award, and Schultz was presented with the Public Service Award.

"The quick response of Trooper Coffman and zero hesitation to enter the freezing cold water was complete disregard for his own safety, undoubtedly saved the lives of the children in that vehicle," Bolduc said.

Coffman and Schultz said they were glad they were there at the right time.

"When I left the hospital, I know the toddler that was originally trapped in the vehicle was jumping on the bed and playing. And so it was definitely a good feeling," Schultz said.Line

Pennsylvania State Police welcome 74 new Troopers

Pennsylvania State Police welcome 74 new Troopers PIC 2924

Dec 22, 2023

The Pennsylvania State Police on Friday welcomed 74 new State Troopers following their graduation from the Pennsylvania State Police Academy.

The 168th graduating class was held at Scottish Rite. Cathedral in Harrisburg.

“Today marks the culmination of hard work, determination, and excellence that our cadets exhibited throughout their time at the academy,” said Col. Christopher Paris. “I have the utmost confidence that our graduates will now take the knowledge and training they’ve learned to uphold PSP’s mission to protect and serve our great Commonwealth.”

Six cadets received the following special awards and recognition:

Joshua C. Dauberman: the Colonel Ronald M. Sharpe Leadership Award for exemplifying the qualities of leadership.

Anthony R. Bonacci: The John K. Schafer Memorial Award for the highest combined score on a series of physical skills tests.

Philip F. Davitt III: the American Legion Award for all-around academic, physical, ethical, and moral qualifications.

Anthony V. Rose: the Daniel F. Dunn High Scholastic Award for the highest level of academic achievement in the class.

James M. Stamm: The Colonel Paul J. Chylak Memorial Driver Proficiency Award for the highest proficiency in driver safety training;

Isaac R.B. Matthews: The Sergeant Charles B. Gesford High Pistol Award for the highest score on the department’s pistol qualification course.

The new troopers will report to the following troops on Tuesday, January 2:

Troop A, Greensburg

Ryan M. Bookheimer

Joseph S. Carles

Isaac R.B. Matthews
Levi M. Myers
Nathan L. Patterson
John T. Pentz
Michael C. Scherer
Marcus J. Wisor

Troop B, Washington

Tyler R. Baker
Ashley M. Belzer
Lifson Dessame
Jarrett D. Grove
Brendan L. Hill
Robert P. Klaes

Hunter T. Martin
Nathaniel J. Medvit
Jacob R. Mineweaser
Joshua A. Moon
Devin T. Rigby
Devin D. Sheffler
Brandon T. Speese
James M. Stamm
Dylan R. White

Troop C, Punxsutawney
Matthew W. Burke
Trent J. Young

Troop E, Erie

Tyler C. Christy
Carmen G. Gett
Mark A. Manos
Sarah A. Miller
Gavin M. Ponka
Evan J. Reed
Hans E. Spencer
Jace R. Stutz
David J. Thompson

Troop F, Montoursville

Peter A. Cofano
Jacob E. Colburn
Caleb N. Danner
Matthew J. Doherty
Andrew P. Fritz

Edward R. Gensel
Jonah C. Klock
Shea B. O’Donnell
Nicholas R. Patton
Dean D. Smith

Micah J. Smith

Troop G, Hollidaysburg
Zachary A. Baer
Brandon A. Murarik

Troop H, Harrisburg
Brandon W. Crossley
Joshua C. Dauberman
Juan F. Gonzalez
Bradley W. Richards
Brook D. Troutman

Troop J, Lancaster

Casey J. Auerbeck

Aron R. Brotzman

Brandon C. Castillo
Zachary J. Cianflone
Philip F. Davitt
Anthony V. Rose

Nicholas L. Witman

Troop K, Philadelphia

Anthony R. Bonacci
Dylan C. Burnett
Gabriel C. Fetter
Nicolette M. Gallo
Royce M. Guagliata
Alexandro Magana
William F. McCrossan

Troop L, Reading
Hana J. Ford

Alex J. Fuhrman
Joseph J. Guiliano
Ryan C. Lesko
Dallin M. Ocasio
Jordan J. Skoff
Cody P. Taft
Dominic A. Viscomi

Massachusetts State Police helicopter located woman with dementia in Burlington

Massachusetts State Police helicopter located woman with dementia in Burlington pic

January 7, 2024

The Massachusetts State Police found a woman with dementia by using their infrared technology aboard a helicopter Thursday night.

State police said the crew of “Air 5” received a notice of a missing woman living with dementia who reported to possibly be driving a red Toyota.

Shortly after beginning their search, the Air 5 crew, including Sgt. Kristopher Malm, and troopers Kenneth Dinjian and Brendan Crowther, spotted a vehicle stopped in a breakdown lane of Route 3 South in Burlington. Using the helicopter’s Forward Looking InfraRed (FLIR) and color cameras, they confirmed the vehicle was a red Toyota and directed patrols from the State Police Concord Barracks and Burlington Fire and EMS to the location.

According to police, a responding patrol trooper confirmed the missing woman was inside the stopped vehicle. She was then transported to a local hospital.Line