Maryland State Police Aviation Rescue Hiker in Wicomico County

Maryland State Police Aviation Rescue Hiker in Wicomico County PIC

June 5, 2023

(SALISBURY, MD) – The Maryland State Police Aviation Command rescued a hiker after she suffered injuries from a fall Sunday afternoon in Wicomico County.  

The woman was hiking with her husband in a remote area along Beaverdam Creek in Salisbury. The Salisbury Fire Department located the woman and requested Maryland State Police for an aerial rescue due to the nature of her injuries, limited access to the area and extended extrication time.

Rescuers initiated patient care on the injured hiker and stabilized her for extrication. The crew from Trooper 4, based in Salisbury, conducted a hoist mission. Pilots hovered the Leonardo AW-139 helicopter nearly 80 feet above dense tree cover, while a Trooper/Paramedic was lowered below. The woman was secured in an air rescue vest-quick connect and hoisted into the aircraft. She was flown to TidalHealth Peninsula Regional Hospital in Salisbury for treatment of her injuries.

The MSPAC has served Maryland citizens since 1970 and operates a fleet of 10 AW139 helicopters from seven bases throughout the State. Each aircraft provides round-the-clock coverage to Maryland residents and visitors. The agency’s missions include medevac, law enforcement, search and rescue, homeland security, and disaster assessment. The success of the missions relies heavily on the cooperative efforts of local fire, rescue, EMS, law enforcement agencies, and our partners at the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Park Police.Line

Ohio State Highway Patrol to celebrate 90th anniversary in Piqua, Wilmington


The Ohio State Highway Patrol’s (OSHP) Piqua Post, was joined by fellow law enforcement officers from the area and community members to celebrate the 90th anniversary of OSHP.

In celebration of the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s 90th anniversary, the Piqua Post hosted an open house for members of the community. The open house brings together Patrol personnel, including troopers, dispatchers and professional staff, to interact with the public and fellow officers of the law from different organizations. Deputies and Sheriff Dave Duchak from the Miami County Sheriff’s Office and Chief Mike McDonough from the Sidney Police Department joined OSHP in Piqua to celebrate the 90 years OSHP has spent serving Ohio.

Members of the community at the open house toured the facility, learned about different equipment used by troopers and the special response team and about employment opportunities with the OSHP.

As part of the OSHP’s 90th anniversary activities, the patrol is partnering with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library of Ohio to help educate families about this free book program for Ohio’s littlest learners. Families with kids under the age of five can enroll their children into the program during the open house. After enrollment, the Imagination Library mails children one book each month until their fifth birthday at no cost to families. All Ohio children are eligible for this program. To learn more, visit

The OSHP began on Nov. 15, 1933, when the first 60 patrolmen earned their commissions following training at Camp Perry and began patrolling Ohio’s roads. Throughout the patrol’s nine decades, the mission has always been the same — to save lives. Founders envisioned an agency that showed compassion and sincerity and promoted the safety and welfare for all Ohioans. Over the past 90 years, sworn officers and professional staff have provided service with a purpose for the citizens of Ohio.Line

Delaware State Police Mourns the Loss of Senior Corporal Gregory Gaffney

Delaware State Police Mourns the Loss of Senior Corporal Gregory Gaffney PIC

Friday, June 30th, 2023

With great sadness, the Delaware State Police announces the untimely death of 40-year-old Senior Corporal Gregory Gaffney, a 12-year veteran of the Delaware State Police. He unexpectedly died at home on June 21, 2023. “It is a solemn time for our entire law enforcement community as we mourn the sudden loss of Senior Corporal Gregory Gaffney. Greg displayed unrelenting dedication and selflessness in his service to both his country as a United States Army soldier and his community as a Delaware State Trooper. His distinguished service during a deployment in Iraq earned him several commendations, including the Bronze Star and Combat Action Badge. Gregory remained dedicated to public service, striving to serve his community with the same level of commitment even while fulfilling his duties as a Delaware State Trooper,” said Colonel Melissa A. Zebley, Superintendent of the Delaware State Police. “Our hearts are heavy as we grieve the loss of our brother, Greg. We humbly request that the community keep his family and the Delaware State Police in their thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.”

Senior Corporal Gaffney was hired on April 15, 2011, into the 83rd Delaware State Police Recruit Class. He completed his training before moving on to Troop 2 for field training. Upon completion, he was briefly assigned to uniformed patrol at Troop 9 before being permanently assigned to uniformed patrol at Troop 2. Throughout his journey, he always strived to improve himself and contribute positively to his colleagues. In addition to his patrol duties, Gregory was selected to be a member of the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) on May 29, 2014. Gregory served his community on patrol and as a member of SORT until August 16, 2020, when he was permanently assigned to the Special Operations Response Team. We extend our gratitude to his family for allowing us to work alongside him. Although we miss him deeply, we will continue his legacy.Line

Indiana State Police trooper died after being struck during pursuit on west side of Indianapolis

Indiana State Police trooper died after being struck during pursuit on west side of Indianapolis pic

Jun 28, 2023

 PLAINFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — An Indiana State Police trooper has died after being struck by a vehicle fleeing from police Wednesday night.

The leader of the state police made the announcement during an emotional press conference outside of Eskenazi Hospital.

“He was one of those guys that stood out,” Superintendent Doug Carter said. “We all know who those people are. That’s what I’ll always remember about him. Not to be cliché, but he was a shining star for the state police.”

Police had located a stolen vehicle and attempted to stop the driver, which led to a vehicle pursuit. The pursuit went onto I-70 and Ameriplex Parkway near the Indianapolis International Airport.

Around 8:45 p.m., Trooper Aaron Smith was attempting to put down tire-deflating devices on Ronald Reagan Parkway to stop the suspect vehicle before the vehicle struck him at the I-70 interchange.

Smith was taken to Eskenazi Hospital, where he later died.

Aaron Smith was a native of Whiteland and a 2008 graduate of Whiteland High school. Smith earned a bachelor’s degree in aviation/airway management with a minor in unmanned aerial systems from Indiana State University in 2014. He joined the Army National Guard in 2011 and previously worked in construction and insurance. Smith was married and lived in Franklin.

Smith received two life-saving awards from the Indiana State Police for two separate incidents.

On Oct. 22, Smith and Trooper Hunter McCord responded to a call of a person shot and found a female bleeding in a car. The troopers pulled the female from the vehicle, and Smith packed her leg wound with gauze, which stopped the bleeding.

On Nov. 16, Smith was while patrolling around West and Washington streets in Indianapolis when he encountered a driver who had been shot. Smith retrieved a tourniquet from his vehicle and compressed the driver’s wound, stopping the bleeding before medical services arrived.

Wednesday’s death is the second instance this year of an Indiana state trooper being killed during a vehicle pursuit. In March, Senior Trooper James R. Bailey was struck and killed by a fleeing suspect vehicle while deploying tire-deflating devices on I-69.Line

Trooper performs CPR on injured man for 17 minutes, saving his life

Trooper performs CPR on injured man for 17 minutes saving his life pic

Jun. 8, 2023

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - A Louisiana State Trooper is being hailed as a hero for saving a man’s life after he performed CPR for 17 minutes.

On June 5, Sgt. Trey Bellue was on a routine safety inspection of an 18-wheeler when the driver, Thomas Taylor, experienced a medical emergency.

The 18-wheeler was stopped on Airline Highway near Thomas Road in Baton Rouge.

Authorities said at the same time, Sgt. Bellue was inside of his unit finishing paperwork when he saw Taylor fall head-first from the driver’s seat of his 18-wheeler onto the ground.

Sgt. Bellue ran to check on Taylor and noticed he was unconscious and bleeding from his head.

The trooper called for medical emergency assistance and started to perform CPR.

According to state police, Sgt. Bellue administered CPR to Thomas Taylor for 17 minutes, only stopping briefly when someone passing offered to help.

EMS arrived soon after and was able to restore a pulse.

State Police announced Sgt. Bellue was able to visit with Mr. Taylor and his family in the hospital and he is on the road to recovery.Line

Nevada State Police rescue this adorable kitten stuck on the side of a busy highway

But the Nevada State Trooper had to hustle after the gray feline when it bolted further toward traffic. pic

June 23, 2023

The job of a state trooper primarily involves patrolling the roads and highways to enforce traffic and criminal laws. They can also be first responders when accidents happen, administering first aid and helping to operate emergency equipment. They’re trained to be pretty versatile but it’s fair to say pet rescue is not normally in their brief. However, when Nevada State Police received a call saying an animal had been spotted on the on-ramp of the busy I-95 in Las Vegas, Trooper Estrada didn’t hesitate to spring into action.

As she pulled up on the roadside, she realized the kitten had strayed onto the highway. NSP officer Estrada quickly tried approaching the terrified kitty, but the Nevada State Trooper had to hustle after the gray feline when it bolted further toward traffic.

She finally rounded up the animal, which hid in the glove compartment during the drive back to the station.

Nevada State Police tweeted: “(We) received calls about a kitten on the on-ramp to a busy highway… and Trooper Estrada quickly responded.”

The kitten was then given some tender loving care by officers who decided to name it ‘Trooper Kitty’.

Not only was Trooper Kitty rescued safely but it was soon adopted by a wonderful family.Line

Mattawan man thanks Michigan State Police for saving his life after cardiac arrest

story 6 26 23

Kevin Papesh and his girlfriend Gayla Clark meet Michigan State Police Troopers Jacob Bailey and Lena Wresinski for the first time since they saved his life on April 2, 2023. Paw Paw, MI. April 19, 2023 (Raymond Hole / WWMT)

A Mattawan man praised the quick actions of two Michigan State Police troopers on Wednesday, who used a device called an automated external defibrillator or AED for short, to save his life after his heart stopped beating April 2, 2023.

It was a typical Sunday, when Gayla Clark was startled awake by the sound of her boyfriend Kevin Papesh suddenly collapsing to the floor.

"I was calling his name. I was shaking him. I could see he was not breathing," Clark said. Papesh's exhausted heart had stopped beating.

Just a few days earlier, Papesh suffered from atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat that can cause the heart to beat too quickly.

"I dialed 911, put it on speaker and I started doing chest compressions," Clark said.

While a 911 dispatcher coached Clark through CPR, Michigan State Troopers Lena Wresinski and Jacob Bailey rushed to the scene. They arrived minutes later with a piece of equipment that would save his life.

"Our immediate thought was, as we were talking on the way, there is hey, I'm going to grab the AED," Trooper Wresinski said.

An Automated External Defibrillator is used to shock the heart to potentially stop an irregular heartbeat, or jump start the heart if its stopped beating.

When the troopers arrived on scene, they found Clark and her son taking turns administering CPR to Papesh. After moving him to a larger area, Trooper Bailey took over chest compressions while instructing Clark.

"Trooper Bailey is doing compressions and telling her, 'Hey give a breath. Give another breath., and I'm just trying to get the pads on as fast as possible," Wresinski said.
Once the pads were attached, the completely automated AED took over.

The machine will read a patient's heart rhythm, provide a beat to perform chest compressions, and automatically shock the heart if needed.

Trooper Bailey said when he first started with the Michigan State Police, they didn't have AEDs.

"We would arrive on scene, and we would just be doing chest compressions and giving breaths," Trooper Bailey said.

According to the American Heart Association, 9 in 10 cardiac arrest victims who receive a shock from an AED in the first minute will live.

Since 2014, Michigan State law requires all emergency services personnel be trained to use an AED, however only life support vehicles like ambulances, are required to be equipped with the device.

"Allowing us to have this training and the resources and the equipment we do, just helps us out so much more when we are being called to these emergency situations," Trooper Bailey said.

"Without the AED being in their car, you know we could have been doing chest compressions forever...I don't know if...I would think that I would have some kind of brain damage or something," Papesh said.

Thanks to a 2021 grant for 6 AED's from the Kalamazoo Mortgage Hero Salute foundation, MSP's Paw Paw Post now has a total of 11 devices in service.

According to the American Heart Association about 90% of people who suffer from out-of-hospital cardiac arrests die. Papesh says he'll never forget the troopers who helped him beat those odds.

"They are definitely heroic," Papesh said.

by Raymond Hole | News Channel 3

Wed, April 19th 2023, 11:43 PM EDT

Governor Appoints Weisler New Mexico State Police Chief

NM Col

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham announced today the appointment of W. Troy Weisler as the 23rd New Mexico State Police Chief effective Saturday, June 24, 2023.

He will succeed New Mexico State Police Chief Tim Q. Johnson, who was appointed in 2019. Chief Johnson is retiring after 23 years of service to the state.

Deputy Chief Weisler serves as the Deputy Chief for Strategic Development, Special Projects, Communications and Recruiting and is a 21-year State Police veteran. He has worked in every division of the Department of Public Safety’s Law Enforcement Program and will now lead a force of more than 700 officers stationed throughout New Mexico.

“Deputy Chief Weisler has the real-life experience and eye toward the future that a modern police force needs, and the people of New Mexico deserve,” Gov. Lujan Grisham said. “As chief, he will focus on building up relationships with local and federal partners to drive down crime and make New Mexico safer. He is dedicated to creating a state police force, which reflects the communities it protects by developing and implementing innovative ways to increase diversity within the department.”

Weisler said, “I am grateful to the governor and to the people of New Mexico for entrusting me with this great responsibility. Society is changing, technology is rapidly evolving, and the need for public safety and honorable men and women to serve has never been greater. State Police now has access to unprecedented resources, and I am looking forward to quickly deploying them to address the most pressing needs of law enforcement and the people of New Mexico.”

Weisler began his career with the New Mexico State Police as a patrol officer in Deming and Moriarty in 2002. He then served in various investigation, research and narcotics roles in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. He has served as Deputy Chief since 2021. 

Weisler holds a Master of Sustainability Leadership from Arizona State University; Master of Public Administration, Justice Administration Specialization from Wayland Baptist University; and a Bachelor of Criminal Justice from New Mexico State University.

WSP’s 117th Trooper Basic Training Class Graduates 43 New Troopers

WSPs 117th Trooper Basic Training Class Graduates 43 New Troopers PIC

May 24, 2023

OLYMPIA, Wash. – The Washington State Patrol (WSP) added 43 newly commissioned troopers to its ranks today during the 117th Trooper Basic Training (TBTC) graduation ceremony held at the Capitol Rotunda.

The graduation marks the well-deserve completion of more than 1,400 hours of rigorous training including classroom and practical exercises at the WSP Academy in Shelton. The training culminated with a coaching trip where the cadets worked alongside a field training officer.

The combined efforts of the 117th TBTC class resulted in 9,056 driver contacts, 2,777 calls for service, the removal of 492 impaired drivers our roadways, 926 collision investigations, and 1,613 motorist assists during their two-month long coaching trip.

Washington State Supreme Court Justice Sheryl Gordon McCloud swore in the new troopers as the rotunda erupted with applause and cheers from family, friends, and colleagues.

Chief John R. Batiste, a member of the 55th Trooper Basic Training Class, thanked the new troopers and their families for their dedication to being a part of the future of the agency.

“Everything that has been shared with you has prepared you for this day,” Chief John Batiste said to the graduates during Wednesday’s ceremony. “Don’t doubt yourself – you are more than ready.”

Chief Batiste alongside Governor Jay Inslee congratulated each graduate, providing them with their commission cards signifying they were now officially a WSP trooper.

“On behalf of the seven million folks of the great state of Washington, I thank you for your willingness to do this job,” Chief Batiste said. “We are living in difficult times, and your willingness to do this particular work is admirable; I thank you for that.”

WSP Academy Captain Robert W. Sharpe recognized several members of the class for excelling in aspects of specific skills and abilities, including:

Top Academic Award: Trooper Christian J. Freund
This award recognizes the outstanding efforts of the cadet who attains the highest grade point average compiled more than 30 exams and quizzes.

Top Driving Award: Trooper Christian J. Freund
This award recognizes the highest level of proficiency with respect to driving skills, techniques, decision-making, mindset, and the steady and constant improvement through each phase of drive training.

Top Firearms Award: Trooper Jordan R. Jacobs
This award recognizes the highest level of proficiency with all weapons systems, marksmanship scores, skills, and demonstration of sound judgement during practical encounter scenarios.

Top Physical Fitness Award: Trooper Kristyn N. Boyes
This award recognizes the highest level of drive and tenacity in physical fitness testing and training. The recipient of this award consistently performed at the top of the TBTC during physical training.

Top Control Tactics Award: Trooper Daniel J. Menihane Jr.
This award recognizes the highest level of proficiency in control tactics techniques, to include self-defense, handcuffing, searching, and the use of force thought process.

Top Collision Investigation Award: Trooper Logan C. Lambert
This award recognizes the highest level of proficiency regarding collision investigation, including mathematical computation, scene investigation, evidence gathering, report writing, and teamwork.

Top Communications Award: Trooper Timothy J. Hipps
This award recognizes the highest level of efficiency of radio communications knowledge, based upon testing and practical exercises.

Top Overall Cadet Award: Trooper Joshua T. Hudson
This award recognizes the trooper cadet who demonstrated great courage to overcome obstacles, unwavering dedication to stay focused in reaching their goals and their ability to give 100 percent in every aspect of their training. Trooper Hudson demonstrated the necessary skills, abilities, and judgement to be an excellent trooper, and made the efforts to make continuous improvements.

Core Values Award: Trooper Christian J. Freund
The Core Values Award is determined by the anonymous vote of the members of the 117th TBTC, who chooses the classmate they feel best exemplified the training division’s core values of strong leadership, effective partnerships, professional excellence, acting with integrity and accountability, respecting and protecting individual rights, and earning the trust and confidence of the public.

The Core Values Award is sponsored by the WSP Memorial Foundation, and presented in honor of the most recent WSP trooper who gave their life in the line of duty. Today’s award was given in honor of Detective Eric T. Gunderson, who died in the line of duty on Sept. 26, 2021. Trooper Gunderson’s wife, Kami Gunderson, presented the award to Trooper Freund.

The WSP 117th TBTC graduating class:

Name & Assignment

1 Abdullahi, Abdullah A. Bellevue 2 Balosso, Dakota J. Bellevue 3 Berea, Alexander T. Chehalis 4 Boyes, Kristyn N. Bellevue 5 Brown, Wyley J. Bellevue 6 Budha Magar, Surendra Tacoma 7 Bybee, Trace E. Chehalis 8 Chalmers, Matthew L. Burlington 9 Cunningham, Eric R. Shelton 10 Daubney, Patrick H. Monroe 11 Dunse, Kyle W. Shelton 12 Fernandez, Steven C. Burlington 13 Freund, Christian J. Bellevue 14 Gachie, Kevin M. Tacoma 15 Godinez, Guillermo S. Ellensburg 16 Harless, Ryker J. Monroe 17 Hazzard-Thomas, Jordan D. Bellevue 18 Hill, Devin C. Shelton 19 Hipps, Timothy J. Bellevue 20 Hudson, Joshua T. Ritzville 21 Jacobs, Jordan R. Bellevue 22 Johnson, Abigail G. Hoquiam 23 Kaushal, Jatin Bellevue 24 Lambert, Logan C. Monroe 25 Lawson, Collin Bellevue 26 Lopez Hernandez, Fernando M. Moses Lake 27 Menihane Jr., Daniel J. Port Angeles 28 Meraz, Jorge O. Bellevue 29 Monje, Kevin Moses Lake 30 Mora, Juan M. Okanogan 31 Padilla, Adan A. Bellevue 32 Padrick, Andy F. Tacoma 33 Sanchez Gonzalez, Nathaniel Bellevue 34 Santiago, Felix R. Naselle 35 Sattler, Thomas D. Tacoma 36 Schulze, Meghan C. Tacoma 37 Seddon, Lawrence W. Tacoma 38 Silva, Luis A. Ellensburg 39 Singian, Benedicto D. Shelton 40 Sorensen, Hunter A. Okanogan 41 Stewart, Matthew D. Shelton 42 Subcleff, Shaeffer R. Shelton 43 Wood, Jeffrey G. EllensburgLine



June 16, 2023

Twelve new Nebraska State Troopers are ready to hit the road in service to the people of Nebraska. Members of the Nebraska State Patrol’s 67th Basic Recruit Class received their badges and were sworn-in today during a ceremony at the State Capitol in Lincoln.

“These new troopers are eager to serve, and we are excited to have them join the team,” said Colonel John Bolduc, Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol. “Over the last six months, they’ve been through difficult training designed to prepare them to serve with compassion, integrity, and dedication. Camp 67 is ready to serve the public and join the NSP mission to keep Nebraska safe.”

The 12 members of Camp 67 come to NSP from communities across Nebraska, Iowa, and Texas. The newly sworn-in troopers have completed 22 weeks of intense training, including extensive live-action training scenarios and rigorous academic instruction. Their training now continues in the field, pairing with veteran troopers in the field training process.

Outstanding performance in several areas of training was recognized with awards during the graduation ceremony.

Recruit Brett Evans, of Omaha, received the Superintendent’s Leadership Award. Recruit Dylan Frerichs, of Houston, Texas, was honored with the O.H. Witt Academic Achievement Award as well as the D.R. Shearer Marksmanship Award.

Recruit Gabriella Ochoa, of Grand Island, was awarded the Captain Mark Williams Core Values Award.

Recruit Dylan Grassmyer, of Stanton, was honored with the R. J. Buchholz Physical Fitness Award.

Governor Jim Pillen provided remarks during today’s graduation ceremony, held in the rotunda of the Nebraska State Capitol. Secretary of State Bob Evnen administered the oath of office.

“These 12 graduates are embarking on a career path that is truly selfless,” said Governor Jim Pillen. “As citizens, we are grateful for their public service in law enforcement. The training they have undertaken is proof of their dedication to the badge they represent. We must remember to always share our appreciation for what they do to serve and protect.”

The graduates of Camp 67 are:

Wyatt Anderson of Gothenburg.

Kak Ayaj of Lincoln.

Iris Bishop of Alliance.

Margarita Clouse of Lexington.

Noah Coleman of Creston, Iowa.

Brett Evans of Omaha. 

Dylan Frerichs of Houston, Texas.

Dylan Grassmyer of Stanton.

Gage Hyberger of Lincoln.

Hunter Lassen of St. Paul.

Gabriella Ochoa of Grand Island.

Seth Reighard of Lincoln.


The 68th Basic Recruit Camp for NSP is scheduled to begin training on July 5, 2023. Applications for Camp 69 are scheduled to open in the next few months with camp scheduled to begin in January 2024.Line

Pennsylvania State trooper killed, another injured after shoot-out in Juniata County

Pennsylvania State trooper killed another injured after shoot out in Juniata County pic

June 17, 2023

MIFFLINTOWN, Pa. (WHTM) – Pennsylvania State Police have identified the Pennsylvania State Trooper killed in Juniata County on Saturday as 29-year-old Tpr. Jacques F. Rougeau Jr..

Police say, Jacques F. Rougeau, 29, was shot and killed, and Lt. James Wagner, 45, is in critical condition after a suspect allegedly targeted the troopers in what was referred to as a "cat and mouse game."

State Police say a man initially arrived at the Troop G, Lewistown Station around 11:00 a.m. armed with a .458 magnum caliber rifle and fired shots at patrol vehicles in the parking lot. The man then drove away from the scene, leading to a search by the State Police that included a helicopter.

Around 12:45 pm in Mifflintown, Lt. Wagner encountered the suspect, who again engaged troopers and shot Trooper Wagner. Colonel Paris says multiple citizens provided aid to Lt. Wagner and used his vehicle to summon first responders. Lt. Wagner was taken to Lewistown Hospital before being life-flighted to Hershey Medical Center, where he was listed in critical condition.

According to officials, the shooter reportedly called the 911 center multiple times and there were attempts to try and negotiate with him. According to Lieutenant Colonel George Bivens the individual seemed to be “playing a game of cat and mouse,” The suspect reportedly made phone calls providing a location, and then, he wouldn't be there,

Shortly before 3:00 pm, the shooter would, again, be located after a search was conducted in the area of Swamp Road and Baumgardner Drive in Walker Township, Juniata County. Gunfire was exchanged and Trooper Rougeau was struck with a gunshot through the windshield in what State Police say appeared to be an ambush.

The shooter then escaped the scene from Swamp Road and was later located at a local business. State Police say Troopers protected citizens at the scene and forced the suspect back onto the road where there was another exchange of gunfire. The suspect drove across a residential yard and became stuck against a row of trees with Troopers continuing to engage him until he was killed.

Tpr. Rougeau was assigned to Troop G, Lewistown Station and enlisted in the PSP in June 2020 as a member of the 160th cadet class.

Upon graduation, he was assigned to Troop J, York before transferring to Troop G, Lewistown in March of this year.

Lieutenant James Wagner, who was injured during Saturday’s shooting, is currently listed in critical condition at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. Lt. Wagner, 45, is assigned as the station commander at Troop G, Bedford Station. He enlisted in the State Police in September 2002 and is a father of three boys.

David Kennedy, the president of the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association, released a statement after the incident, saying:

“Pennsylvania has lost one hero while another fights for his life. The bravery of these Troopers and their loved ones will stay in our hearts forever.”

“This is a tragedy for the Pennsylvania State Police,” said Colonel Christopher Paris, Commissioner of the PSP. “We ask for your continued prayers for not only our Troopers, but also their families.”Line

MSP Trooper and His K9 Partner Reunite Lost Boy With His Mom

MSP Trooper and His K9 Partner Reunite Lost Boy With His Mom pic


Roscommon County deputies say they were able to find a missing three-year-old boy thanks to the help of Michigan State Police’s K9 Unit.

Deputies were called to home in Roscommon Township after a mom called saying she couldn’t to find her son. Deputies say the home is in a heavily wooded and swampy area. Michigan State Police, including several K9 Officers, were called out to help.

Trooper Adam Whited and his K9 partner Loki searched over three miles of woods before finding the missing boy. They say he was about a half mile from his home, barefoot but unharmed. Trooper Whited gave him a piggyback ride back to his home.

He was checked out by EMS and reunited with his mom.

Roscommon County deputies want to thank Trooper Whited and Loki, along with the rest of the Michigan State Police K9, Aviation and Drone units, Houghton Lake Ambulance, Roscommon Township Fire and the All County Search and Rescue Group.Line

Quick-Thinking Massachusetts State Trooper Rescues Baby Deer from Busy Highway

Quick Thinking Massachusetts State Trooper Rescues Baby Deer from Busy Highway PIC

JUNE 5, 2023
State Police Northampton Barracks Trooper Timothy Martin was done his day shift and started to drive home on I-91 South in Holyoke, Massachusetts, according to a FB post on the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page. 

But it wasn't a quiet or smooth drive because suddenly a big traffic jam caught his attention. This prompted the Trooper to investigate what was going on

To his surprise, a little baby fawn, just around a week old was alone and stranded in the middle of the road, the FB post noted, and there were several concerned motorists that had gathered to try and corral the frightened animal.

Trooper Martin knew that the situation needed to be handled and like all superheroes, he jumped into action. He swiftly maneuvered his way to the front of the traffic, according to the state police.

But remember, this is I-91, and the danger that the high-speed traffic posed could have been a big problem.

So he embodied his athletic nature and his favorite sportsperson and formed a protective barrier, preventing the fawn from heading into the oncoming traffic.

He moved fast and was able to grab little Bambi, successfully, police said.

The little one is now in custody and was safely brought back to his mother who had apparently leaped over a high fence next to the highway.

This is so heartwarming and reminds us that when an animal needs rescuing, we all work together to keep our New England wildlife safe!

This is one animal rescue for the books!Line

Wyoming Highway Patrol celebrates 90th anniversary

Wyoming Highway Patrol celebrates 90th anniversary pic

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The Wyoming Highway Patrol is turning 90.

WHP is celebrating their 90th anniversary and they’re inviting the community to mark the occasion with them on Tuesday.

The event will take place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 5300 Bishop Blvd in Cheyenne, and “promises a day full of fun, food and history,” according to a press release from WHP.

“This event is the perfect opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate the dedication and service of the Wyoming Highway Patrol over the past 90 years. Don’t miss out on this exciting day of celebration,” the press release added.

The family-friendly event will feature games, activities, lunch and an opportunity to explore the history of the Wyoming Highway Patrol through several exhibits.

The celebration will move to other locations throughout the state in the coming monthsLine

Pennsylvania State Police welcome 49 new State Troopers

Pennsylvania State Police welcome 49 new State Troopers pic penn state logo

May 12, 2023

HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) — On Friday, May 12, 49 new cadets graduated from the Pennsylvania State Police Academy in Hershey.

Colonel Christopher Paris, commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police, announced that 49 cadets have graduated from the Pennsylvania State Police Academy. The class was the 166th to graduate from the academy in Hershey since it opened in 1960.

Five cadets received special awards and recognition during a ceremony at LCBC Manheim in Lancaster County.

Robert D. Bastian received the Ronald M. Sharpe Leadership Award for exemplifying the qualities of leadership and the American Legion Award for all-around academic, physical, ethical, and moral qualifications.

Edward D. Svarchevsky received the John K. Schafer Memorial Award for the highest combined score on a series of physical skills tests.

Cooper D. LeGuard received the Daniel F. Dunn High Scholastic Award for the highest level of academic achievement in the class.

Ryan J. Marcella received the Colonel Paul J. Chylak Memorial Driver Proficiency Award for the highest proficiency in driver safety training.

John P. Matacic II received the Sergeant Charles B. Gesford High Pistol Award for the highest score on the department’s pistol qualification course.

The new troopers will report to the following troops May 22:

Troop A
Robert D. Bastian
Cassidy N. Honkus

Troop B
Trevor D. Hicks
Andrew C. Homyak

Troop C
Nathan S. Barron
Bayden M. Davenport
Collin R. DeLattre
Ryan S. Good
John R. Herold
John P. Matacic II
Mitchell L. Lapp
Shon M. Seibert-Reed
Ryan D. VanTine
Salvador Zepeda III

Troop E
Cooper D. LeGuard
Ryan J. Marcella
Justin M. Wehrli

Troop F
Cody A. Fisher
Brock W. Port
Robert F. Smith
Kody K. Taylor

Troop H
Kolten A. Conrad
Tanner L. Kresovich
Travis L. Lamereaux
John D. Lane
Justin R. McDonnell
Michael P. Posteraro Jr.
Aaron D. Rahn
Emilio N. Rizzo Jr.
Robert E. Valatka
Joshua M. Zukoski

Troop J
Austin J. Billet
Kyle E. Connelly
Daniel R. Kornfeind
Kyle R. Munro
Takoda C. Perez

Troop K
Maximilian J. Baptiste
Jason P. Eckman
Patrick S. Galvin
Jermaine J. Graham
Eduardo A. Lopez
Tyler R. Martin
Ryan M. Reeves
Scott A. Serpe
Edward D. Svarchevsky
Jared D. Widmer
Ryan A. Wolk
James J. Yezzo

Troop L
Jacob W. LuckenbillLine