Chairman's Message: Why Troopers Need You

I am a retired Iowa State Patrol trooper, having served for 21 years. I can tell you for a fact that state troopers don't expect anything in return for what they do. They willingly fulfill their responsibilities with dedication - knowing they are working for the greater good of our communities and helping individuals when they need it most.


The Foundation's Role

The American Association of State Troopers Foundation, Inc. was founded to provide a special way to give back to trooper members of the American Association of State Troopers, Inc., (AAST) through academic scholarships for their dependents.These goals cannot be achieved with out your help.


You Can Help

I encourage you to examine this website and learn more about state troopers. See what our scholarship recipients have accomplished and the troopers and families who have already been helped by our efforts. You will see inspiring people whose lives revolve around protecting and providing for you. Your support will make the difference in the lives of those dedicated to your welfare. You can take this opportunity to say, Thank you for rescuing those of us caught in unfortunate situations. Thank you for striving to protect us from reckless drivers. Thank you for guarding those of us who need it. Thank you for risking your lives to keep our streets safe. Thank you for everything you do.


Mark A. Probst, Chairman Iowa State Patrol Captain (ret.)