Pennsylvania State Police announce death of Trooper

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Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Colonel Robert Evanchick says 57-year-old Trooper Dung X. Martinez, who was hospitalized, died Thursday morning, October 21st.

Trooper Martinez was assigned to the Patrol Section of Troop T, King of Prussia.

“Our department expresses deep sorrow for the sudden loss of a colleague and friend,” said Colonel Evanchick. “We wish Trooper Martinez’s family and friends comfort and peace during this difficult time and ask Pennsylvanians to keep them in their thoughts.”

Trooper Martinez enlisted in the Pennsylvania State Police in April 2000 and graduated as a member of the 107th cadet class. Upon graduation he was assigned to Troop K, Media. Martinez also worked with Troop J, Lancaster and Troop M, Trevose during his career.

He was a recipient of the Blooming Grove Service Award for participating in the 2014 manhunt of Eric Frein.

Trooper Martinez is survived by his wife and two children.


Iowans send condolences to Trooper Benda's family

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Following a single vehicle crash on October 14th, Iowa State Patrol announced the passing of Trooper Ted Benda.

Following the announcement made by Iowa State Patrol, Governor Kim Reynolds issued a statement thanking Trooper Benda for his service.

"I'm deeply saddened to learn of the tragic passing of Iowa State A patrol Trooper Ted Benda. Kevin and I join Iowans in mourning the loss of this dedicated servant and wee keep his family, friends and fellow brothers and sisters in uniform in our thoughts and prayers as they cope with this devastating loss. Tragic events like this are a somber reminder of how precious life is and of the unwavering, selfless sacrifice our brave men and women in law enforcement make every day," said Gov. Reynolds.

Congresswoman Ashley Hinson also sent her condolences to the family and friends of Trooper Benda.

"I am devastated that Trooper Ted Benda has passed away. Trooper Benda has deep roots in Waukon and has dedicated his professional life to protecting our community through his service with the Iowa Department of Public Safety and as a State Trooper. Matt and I are sending our deepest condolences and prayer to his family, friends and fellow law enforcement officers during this time," said Congresswoman Hinson.

Benda joined the Iowa State Patrol in 2016. At the time of his passing, he was working out of District 10 in Oelwein.

The community showed their support for the family. Joanne Howell said the city of Oelwein is there for the family.

"All I have to say is our prayers are with you and if there's anything we can do, as a community, we will do it," said Howell.

Trooper Benda is the second Iowa State Patrol officer to pass away this year. In April, Sargent Jim Smith lost his life in the line of duty.


Seized C7 Corvette, Fifth Gen Camaro Now Serve As Ohio Highway Patrol Cars

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C7 Corvette and a fifth-generation Chevy Camaro that were seized by the Ohio Highway Patrol have been repurposed as police cars.

According to Lima, Ohio-based news station WLIO, the high-performance Chevys were seized by the Ohio Highway Patrol after the previous owners were pulled over as part of separate drug investigations. The C7 Corvette appears to be a soft-top convertible model finished in the Torch Red exterior color, while the Camaro looks to be a V6-powered RS model finished in Ashen Gray Metallic. The Ohio Highway Patrol has put its own touches on both vehicles, as well, including police body decals, lights and sirens.

While these two confiscated cruisers look ready for duty, heavy-footed Ohio residents don’t have to worry about the local highway patrol chasing them down in a Corvette or Camaro. These vehicles will not be used for traditional highway patrol activities, WLIO reports, and will instead be brought to car shows and other community events to help police engage with the public and educate them on road safety. Troopers told the news station they hope the two cars will attract local residents to their booth at community events, making it easier for troopers to engage in friendly community outreach.

The two cars, which are owned by the Limo post of the Ohio Highway Patrol, will make appearances at a handful of events in the Lima area in the coming months, WLIO reports.

For those who may be wondering, the Ohio Highway Patrol can usually be seen in its simple silver-painted Chevy Tahoe, Dodge Charger and Ford Explorer patrol cars. These run-of-the-mill cruisers may not be as fast as a C7 Corvette or as stylish as a fifth-gen Chevy Camaro, but they’re much better suited to the demands of policing.


Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper awarded for helping to save the life of a woman who fell off a train in Texas

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An Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper was thanked on August 2nd for his role in saving the life of a woman who fell off a train in Texas in July. 

Trooper Ian Lowry with the Ohio State Highway Patrol received a Director's Award for his actions in relation to a July 26 incident in which a female migrant was badly injured after falling off a train in Eagle Pass, Texas, and needed immediate medical care.

According to officials with the Texas Department of Public Safety, the woman's leg eventually needed to be amputated after the fall, but she is expected to survive thanks to Lowry and Texas Highway Patrol Trooper Joseph Lopez. 

Lopez will receive a Lifesaving Award from the Texas Department of Public Safety. 


Trooper escorts woman in labor to hospital after pulling her over for speeding

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Kentucky state trooper escorted a woman in labor to the hospital after he pulled her over for speeding. 

"I went from, you know, thinking that I was in a vehicle pursuit to how am I going to get the lady that’s in labor to the hospital as fast as I can,"  Trooper Jason Adkison, of the Kentucky State Police, told WBKO.

The situation unfolded on an interstate in Elizabethtown, as Adkison headed back to Bowling Green from training in Frankfort. I couldn’t believe that this person just passed me at that speed approaching from the rear," Adkison recounted.  "I was kind of mentally, you know, preparing myself for that, to go into pursuit mode, and turn on my siren. She’s still not stopping initially. And eventually, she pulls over after a couple of miles," he said. When he approached the vehicle, he realized the driver, Jacqueline Cornish, was pregnant and she explained she was in labor. The seven-year trooper offered to call an ambulance to quickly get her to the hospital.  "And I was like, please don’t do that. I don’t have time to wait," said Cornish. He then turned on his lights and siren and escorted Cornish as she drove behind him.  "He led the way we were going through red lights and everything trying to get to the hospital," said Cornish. Cornish delivered her baby girl, Alisha, on Thursday and Adkison visited with the baby and mother the following day.  "I was just excited to get to meet her the following day," said Adkison. "I was really honored to be able to hold Alisha. I don’t think that I’ve ever held a baby that that’s that new to the world." "I was thinking about the Trooper’s Creed, we subdue people in times of trouble. But we also help people in their time of need. And that’s something that’s ingrained in all of us," Adkison added of the event. The Kentucky State Police also praised Adkison, with Sgt. Billy Gregory telling Fox News that the trooper's "actions represent his commitment to upholding KSP’s highest standards of excellence." "Our code of ethics states ‘as a law-enforcement officer, my fundamental duty is to serve mankind…’.  What better way to serve than to help bring new life into the world," he said.