What If I Get Pulled Over?

What Should I Do if I Get Pulled Over by an Officer?


1. Follow all of the officer's directions.

2. Pull over as soon as possible - usually to the right and well onto the shoulder (unless the officer directs you otherwise).

3. Leave enough room for the officer to walk up to your car on the shoulder.

4. Put your car in "Park" and turn off the engine.

5. Turn on the flashers.

6. Turn off your radio.

7. Roll down your window.

8. Turn on the interior light.

9. Always stay in the vehicle unless directed otherwise by the officer. NEVER make a move to get out of the vehicle on your own.

10. Keep both hands where the officer can see them - preferably on the steering wheel. Do not look in your glove compartment, coat pocket, or other place inside the vehicle until directed to do so by the officer.

Used with permission of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.