Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper honored for his bravery and courage

OKHP Purple Heart

An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper received the Purple Heart award Monday afternoon. This prestigious honor was given for bravery and courage. "It's pretty special. It's one of those things we never think about happening," said OHP Trooper David McCutcheon. McCutcheon got injured in the line of duty in 2011, he was hit on the side of the highway. Surgery didn't fix the problem, so he medically retired in 2013. "We don't put this uniform on and think about the things that'll happen to us," McCutcheon said. He came out of retirement two years later. But that same year, he was injured again working a high speed pursuit up to speeds of 150 miles per hour on Highway 70 west of Durant. He performed a tactical maneuver to stop the other driver, but his patrol unit crashed and caught fire. Four surgeries later, he came back. "Through all the struggles, I'm here," McCutcheon said. But it wasn't an easy road. "Tested the bounds of my marriage, I mean it was just, it was significant in more ways than just the highway patrol," he said. McCutcheon received the Purple Heart Award. He said even after all he's been through..."It just adds to my willpower and desire to be a state trooper," McCutcheon said.