Indiana State Police trooper saves choking woman

ISP Trooper saves chocking woman

An Indiana State Trooper was in the right place at the right time on Tuesday, October 15, and saved a woman's life.  Senior Trooper Scott Keegan was eating lunch at Hacienda Vieja restaurant when a server got his attention and gestured to him that a 75-year-old woman was choking.  Keegan jumped up, hit the woman several times on the back, and performed the Heimlich maneuver.  Once the woman was able to catch her breath, she thanked Keegan for saving her life.  Keegan, an ISP Firearms Instructor, credits his yearly First Aid and medical training in helping to prepare him for situations like what happened on Tuesday.  "I'm glad that the staff knew who I was and knew that I could help," Keegan said.  "I'm thankful I could assist."