AAST Partners with Thin Blue Line USA

Enough is Enough car sticker


AAST Partners with Thin Blue Line USA

Thin Blue Line USA, thinbluelineusa.com approached ASST to partner to bring awareness to the continuing devastation affecting Americas troopers on the side of the road.  They are launching a sticker campaign to help raise awareness to our troopers being hit, injured, and killed on the side of the road.  ENOUGH is ENOUGH Be Alert Move Over.  Stickers can be purchased on their website with a percentage of proceeds being donated to the AAST Foundation.

AAST fully supports this worthwhile endeavor to bring awareness to one of the most dangerous aspects of our job!  Mason Dixon Polling also supports this awareness as they indicate in a National poll shows strong support (89%) for Move Over laws.  Despite laws in all 50 states, 30% of Americans are unaware their state has them and 67% aren’t aware of the branded phase Move Over.


Thin Blue LIne USA