Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper buys woman 2 new tires after she suffers blown out tire

Okla Trooper buys tires

An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper worked tirelessly to help a driver who had a flat last week as she was traveling to work.  He did it by buying her two new tires.  The Highway Patrol posted the work done by trooper Chris Hanover last week on Facebook.  Andrea Derksen, who sent a note to troopers, said Hanover stopped to help her after her tire blew out.  Hanover looked at Derksen’s spare tire and told her it was in poor condition.  What Hanover did next surprised Derksen, who was driving to work when she experienced the flat tire.  “He took me to a local tire shop and not only helped me get my blown tire fixed, but he also bought 2 other tires that I desperately needed,” Derksen said.  “He turned what was starting to be a tough day into a blessing."