Washington State Patrol welcomes 42 new troopers

Washington State Patrol March 2020 graduation

Friday, March 13, 42 new Washington State Patrol troopers were sworn in by Washington Supreme Court Chief Justice Debra Stephens in a ceremony held at the Washington State Patrol Academy in Olympia.  “The 42 cadets graduating today endured a rigorous application process, extensive background investigation, and received the best training, unmatched anywhere else in the nation,” said Chief John Batiste.  “Today, they will join the ranks of Washington’s finest, as troopers of the Washington State Patrol, a tradition that began 99 years ago on June 21, 1921, when six brave men kick-started their Indian motorcycles, strapped on an armband and started a proud tradition known today as the Washington State Patrol.”  It was the 112th Trooper Basic Training Class at the WSP Academy. Graduates have more than 1,000 hours if training, according to a state patrol press release.  The academy produces approximately three cadet classes each biennium, which accounts for about 100 to 120 new troopers.  Historically, only about four to six percent of the total number of applicants makes the grade to become WSP troopers, according to the state patrol.