Nebraska State Patrol trooper saves the day after his daughter's dance competition is postponed

Nebraska trooper dances with daughter

After his daughter’s dance competition was postponed because of coronavirus (COVID-19), a Nebraska state trooper proved you don’t have to be on a big stage to have a big audience.  The patrol posted a video on its social media pages of Lt. Kroenke dancing with his daughter.  “Big time #DadSkills on display!” the post reads.  “After Lt. Kroenke’s daughter’s dance competition season was postponed, her dance studio challenged the dancers to teach a parent part of a dance as a way to continue practicing.  Here’s the result.”  The video shows Kroenke and his daughter moving their hips (quite comically, in his case) to Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Holding Out For a Hero.’  “When life gives you global pandemic lemons, the lemonade you make has to be fabulous!” the patrol’s post goes on to say.  And with thousands of views on social media, clearly people feel the dad’s creative gesture is fabulous indeed.

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