Massachusetts State Police K9 'Caber' helps find two missing girls

Mass SP K9 finds girls

Past a cliff and multiple trails, a Massachusetts State Police K9 tracked down two missing teenage girls over the weekend in Western Massachusetts, authorities said Tuesday.  Trooper Matt Baird learned around 1:45 a.m. on Saturday that law enforcement in Palmer were searching for two girls, ages 13 and 14, who went missing around 11 p.m., according to a statement from state police.  After receiving an object with the girls’ scents on it, Baird deployed his K9 partner, a dog named Caber, behind the family’s house, the statement said.  Family members crossed over the search area many times looking for the girls, authorities noted, which made tracking more difficult for the dog. “Caber pulled around the house to the street, working northward,” state police said.  “After getting no results, Trooper Baird and Caber turned and worked back on the street in a southward direction.”  The dog ventured across the street to a small cliff when a possum ran in front of him.  Caber, ignoring the wild animal, moved onto a trail, according to state police.  As the trooper and the K9 continued onto a second trail, Caber began to show “increased intensity,” authorities said.  The dog eventually pulled through “thick mountain laurel and displayed a proximity alert," according to police.  “A few feet later, Trooper Baird saw the two girls just ahead, crouched beside a tree,” state police said. “The searchers walked the girls out of the woods and returned them to their home.”  This is not the first successful search Caber has pulled off.  In 2016, the dog helped locate a lost hunter in Petersham after local authorities unsuccessfully deployed a bloodhound in the area of the hunter’s vehicle.