Alabama State Troopers are Caught in the Act and Honored for Their Actions

AL Troopers HonoredAlabama State Troopers were honored Friday, Nov. 13, 2015 for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Troopers Justin O'Neal, Delvylon Williams, Richard Pittman and JT Morrow were honored by Governor Robert Bentley.

Trooper Justin O’Neal helped a homeless man he found walking along the interstate that hadn’t eaten in days. “I just felt with my heart that the man was hungry and needed something to eat so I stopped and bought him some McDonald's and took him as far as I could. Being a Christian and a good person that's just something that everybody needs to do. A lot of people think we're just out here to enforce laws and take people to jail; a lot of people have a bad eye toward law enforcement nowadays so anything that looks positive for us is always a good thing, it looks good for police officers in general, not all police officers are bad people, and we are generally good people that do this on a regular basis,” said Trooper Justin O’Neal.

Trooper Delvylon Williams bought meals for a homeless father and son. "I have two kids, and I wouldn't want anyone to do me like that, so I just went by and gave them something to eat. We do this every day, and today we just got recognized for it. We all do good things out there other than what you see, stuff happening in the media but this is the positive thing, and I'm glad to show the positive thing we all do as law enforcement agents across the country,” said Trooper Williams.

Trooper Richard Pittman and Capitol Patrol Trooper J.T. Morrow were also honored for helping a veteran.

It seems that Alabama state troopers live by their motto of "courtesy, service, protection,” everyday.