“Girl’s Best Friend”: Massachusetts State Police Crisis Response K9 ‘Luna” visits preschoolers

k9 luna pic 112822

Yesterday, Trooper Deshawn Brown, our Troop B Community Liaison, visited the Boys and Girls Club of Westfield to read a book to a class of preschool students. He was joined by Trooper Chad Tata of our Employee Assistance unit and his partner, crisis response dog Luna.

Before they entered the classroom, the Troopers were informed by a teacher that a girl in the class, Lorelei, had been bitten by a neighborhood dog two months ago and as a result of that traumatic event was very fearful of all animals, especially dogs. The Troopers assured the teacher that they would make sure Lorelei felt safe and comfortable throughout their visit.

After Trooper Brown read a story to the children and handed out some MSP stickers, the class learned about Luna’s role with the State Police. Trooper Brown then asked if anyone had any questions.

Lorelei raised her hand and asked if she could pet Luna. She then stood up and slowly walked toward Luna, hand-in-hand with her teacher for extra assurance. Lorelei courageously put her hand on Luna’s back and began to pet her (pictured) in what we hope is a good step in her healing process.

Troopers Brown and Tata and K9 Luna are very grateful for the hospitality of the Boys and Girls Club, and thank the teachers, students, and of course Lorelei, for their friendship.” -Massachusetts State Police.Line