North Carolina State Trooper Intentionally Hit by an ATV

Authorities are looking for the person who ran over a North Carolina state trooper with a four wheeler early on Fridaytrooper morning in Rowan County. Trooper Robert Charubini suffered a broken leg and laceration to his face, but he is expected to be OK. Investigators say Trooper Charubini saw two ATVs riding on N.C. 153 around 2 a.m. He planned to pull them over and give them a warning, so he turned on his sirens and attempted to stop the two. They pulled onto Harmony Lane, a street within a subdivision of China Grove. Charubini got out of his car and approached the ATVs, and that's when one of the four wheelers intentionally drove toward him at a high rate of speed and ran him over. The ATV then turned around and tried to hit Charubini a second time. That's when Charubini fired his weapon. No one was hit by the bullets, and the two ATVs then drove off. Charubini managed to get to his patrol car to radio for help. He is in the hospital now recovering from his injuries. "So at this time, Highway Patrol is asking anyone who saw anything, anyone who knows anything, to come forward," said Sgt. Garrett Barger with the North Carolina Highway Patrol. "We need to know who those ATV operators are." Anyone with information is asked to call the Rowan County Sheriff's Department or the Highway Patrol Communications Center at 800-233-3151.