New Jersey Troopers save man's life after hunting accident in Sussex County

New Jersey Troopers save mans life after hunting accident in Sussex County pic

January 28, 2024 

A hunting accident in the Pequest Wildlife Management Area of Hampton Township, Sussex County, prompted a rapid response from New Jersey State Troopers, resulting in a life-saving intervention.

The incident occurred on January 19, at around 5:44 PM, when Troop “B” Sussex responded to reports of a hunting accident. On arrival, the troopers discovered a male victim with a gunshot wound from a shotgun. Demonstrating quick thinking and expertise in emergency response, the troopers immediately began life-saving procedures. They applied tourniquets and chest seals to manage the victim’s injuries effectively.

After stabilizing the victim, the troopers faced the challenge of extricating him from the rugged terrain. They carried the injured hunter approximately 200 yards to an area accessible by a State Police Utility Task Vehicle (UTV). The difficult weather conditions and challenging terrain necessitated the use of the UTV to transport the victim swiftly and safely to a waiting ambulance.

Thanks to the troopers’ prompt and skilled response, the victim was transported to a local hospital, where he is expected to make a full recovery. This incident underscores the critical role of state troopers in emergency situations and their preparedness to handle a wide range of crises, including those in demanding and remote environmentsLine