Thirty-Nine Cadets Join the Ranks of the Georgia State Patrol

Thirty Nine Cadets Join the Ranks of the Georgia State Patrol pic

March 8, 2024    

The Georgia State Patrol announced its 115th Trooper School graduates had completed their training and will be assigned to units across the state.

According to GSP, the 39 graduates spent 32 weeks training intensely at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth.

Having graduated, the troopers will be assigned to one of the 52 patrol posts around Georgia.

Troopers spend their training split, with 20 weeks at the academy and 12 weeks training in the field. They’re also required by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council to get at least 408 hours of Basic Madate Training, according to GSP.

Trooper Class President Kenneth Williams spoke as well, summarizing the group’s training as they went through Trooper School.

“Those hard and exhausting moments led us to where we are today,” Williams said. “In the words of Kirby Smart, “When you step on that field, it’s not just about you. It’s about your teammates, your coaches, your family, and all those that supported you along the way. Remember your why, 115th be proud, be vigilant, and be safe!”

A few graduates were also honored for their performance during the training period.

GSP said those graduates were:

Driving Proficiency – Trooper Daniel Pendleton

Firearms Proficiency – Trooper Austin Scott

Top Gun – Trooper Daniel Pendleton

Highest Academic Average – Trooper Christian Clark

Trooper Zackary Herrington received the state’s second annual Patrick Dupree Leadership Award, which is presented to the cadet that showed leadership throughout the entire class even while not serving as class president. The award is presented in honor of Dupree, who passed while a Trooper Cadet of the 113th Class on Sept. 8, 2022, after performing a training exercise.Line