West Virginia State Trooper aims to break pushup world record for a good cause

Capture222Things people do in an hour might be cook dinner or watching the news, but how about doing 2,200 pushups? It's a world record and one man with the West Virginia State Police is up for the challenge. Madi Arthur is in fourth grade. She loves softball and playing on the monkey bars after school. She's a pretty normal kid for the most part, except for a few things. "She has to have twelve finger pricks a day. She has an insulin pump with a one inch steel port that gets stuck in and out of her every other day," WVSPT captain Ron Arthur said. Madi is one of the thousands of children in the U.S. living with type one diabetes. Her parents check her levels about every two hours, even as she sleeps at night. "It's not work when it's for someone you love. It's not work and it's not a burden." Now, her family gives back every way they can to causes for childhood diabetes. That's where their love of pushups comes in. Madi's dad is trying to break the pushup world record, all while raising money for kids with diabetes to attend the Greenbrier Youth Camp this summer. "I said well, this may be my next event I think I might be able to break this record," Arthur said. Right now, the world record for pushups is 2,200 in one hour. Arthur will have to do 37 pushups a minute to set a new world record. "The big thing for us is we just want to get as many people here as we can. It's an hour long- to come in and cheer him on," Kathleen Clark, with Robert's Walking and Running, said. Arthur said it's not about getting his name in that record book; his goal is not to be a champion athlete, it's to be a champion dad. Eyewitness News will be at the pushup challenge next week. Donations can be dropped off at Roberts Running and Walking shop on Fourth Avenue in Huntington.