Woman reunited with Florida Highway Patrolman who saved her life.

Capture242016Viddie Wallace grew up without knowing her hero. When she was 13 months old, she fell into a bathtub at her Taylor County home. Her mother ran for help, and ran into FHP Trooper John T. Shepard. That was in 1959. Shepard turned her upside down and shook the water out of her lungs. Just before he began mouth-to-mouth, she moved. "She moved, and then she cried, and I cried," recalls Shepard, now 82. Viddie's mother rushed her to the hospital. Time went by after that. Shepard moved away, Wallace grew up. All she had were newspaper clippings, and the stories her parents told her about the trooper that saved her life. She never thought she'd meet him until last year. Turns out, he'd been looking for her. "My daughter got on Facebook at 10 o'clock one night and said mama, mama, I said what...she said they're talking about you on Facebook," said Viddie. "I said who's talking about you on Facebook? The man that saved your life is on facebook...hes talking about you." The two arranged a reunion, thanks to the Taylor County Historical Society. That was last year, but they now see each other as regularly as they can. "He's my angel," she said. "If he hadn't come along when he come along, I wouldn't be here today."