A Special Bond Through The Mississippi Highway Patrol

mhp 4252016A Mississippi father and his toddler son share a special bond through the Mississippi Highway Patrol. “I got my state trooper car! You got your state trooper car?” The Dedeaux family lives in Gulfport, but Adam is currently stationed with Troop E in Batesville, five hours away from his family. “We travel pretty frequently up there, and Adam, every chance he gets he comes home. So we try to still kind of keep them visiting,” said Kristen Dedeaux. Adam handmade his two-year-old son, Kannon, his very own trooper outfit with a hat, and even designed his car. “He hand sewed everything for Kannon’s uniform. He bought the little police car and it was black and white but he wanted to make it look like his car,” said Dedeaux. Adam has always had a love for the Mississippi Highway Patrol and has dreamed of being a state trooper. “I really do feel like it is a huge possibility that Kannon might fall in those steps because ever since he could talk, which he’s fixing to be three next month, ever since he’s been able to talk it’s everything’s highway patrol,” said Dedeaux. Little Kannon has always shown an interest in what his dad does. Law enforcement is beginning to look like a generational interest. Adam is a third generation cop, following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps. “It really hit home with him when he got his trooper hat, though. I think that’s when it really opened up his eyes and he felt like a real state trooper,” said Dedeaux. In the Dedeaux family, the saying rings true: Like father, like son. Officer Dedeaux recently completed his first year with the Mississippi Highway Patrol and 14 years in law enforcement.