Indiana State Police K-9 Retired

sabreSabre, an Indiana State Police dog with an impressive work resume, might be retiring but that won’t prevent him from spending time with his partner, Trooper Nick Meade. Instead of patrolling the Indiana Toll Road with Meade as he’s done the past seven years, Sabre will be retiring to Meade’s home, becoming a full-time pet to his handler. “I’m going to try to just let him be a dog,” Meade said. “There are certain things I could not do with him while he was working because I had to keep him in a work mindset and he’ll be able to do some of those things now.” Meade said retirement will not be easy for the dog after so many years on the job. “It’s going to be hard for him,” Meade said. “He’s been in the back of that police car for seven years working every day of his life and that’s what they’re bred to do. That’s what they were born to do. However, he’s done a good enough job for us over the years that I think he should be able to enjoy his retirement a little bit.” He recalled their biggest seizure, a drug bust of 234 pounds of marijuana that they found in the back of a truck. Meade said it was busts like that that made him happy to work with Sabre and proud of the hard work the dog put into the job. Together, Meade and Sabre are responsible for seizing almost $400,000 in currency, 14.8 pounds of heroin, 1,266 pounds of marijuana and 134 grams of cocaine, according to a state police news release. These busts have resulted in 80 criminal arrests. Meade will go down to Indianapolis Monday to pick out a new K-9 partner. The new dog will embark on a 14-week program in order to certify it through the International Police Work Dog Association. “The new dog’s going to have very big shoes to fill,” Meade said. “Sabre is a great dog and a great partner. It was nice to have him in the back of the car with me knowing he was there to protect me.”