Virginia State Police attend Graduation of Fallen Trooper Dermyer's Daughter


Virginia State Police made sure State Trooper Chad Dermyer’s daughter felt the presence of her father at her 5th grade graduation. Dermyer was fatally shot by James Brown III at the Greyhound bus station in Richmond on March 31, where police were holding a counter-terrorism training exercise. Brown, of Aurora, Illinois, was killed by two other state troopers after he opened fire. Many troopers attended the graduation and supported his daughter, Page, for her big achievement. She received the President’s Award for Academic Achievement, signed by President Obama himself. “VSP made sure that Page Dermyer had plenty of VSP Family in attendance of her 5th grade graduation to cheer her across the stage and let her know how much she and her father, Trooper Chad Dermyer, mean to us,” said Virginia State Police in a Facebook post.

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