Post about Kindhearted North Carolina State Trooper goes Viral

NC Trooper


A local state trooper is getting praise for going above the call of duty, leading to a viral post on Facebook. The post hasn’t even been on Facebook for a day and already has been shared more than 1,400 times. According to the post, the woman pictured travels monthly to New York for cancer treatments. On a recent trip back home, her car broke down near Wilmington, which is when Tpr. Jon Gurganus saved the night. Gurganus fixed the woman’s water pump and followed her 20 miles to make sure she was okay. He said it just worked out that he knew how to help with what she needed. “I haven’t done anything to deserve any more than any other law enforcement officer in this state or this country,” Gurganus said. “It’s just, it’s what we do. If anybody deserves more credit from this incident, it’s the lady that took the time to post it, to share the good that happened, and I really appreciate her doing that.” He also gave the woman a phone charger to keep her phone alive for the rest of the trip. Gurganus said he just hopes this lighthearted post will help heal some people today.