Nevada State Trooper Saves Bikini Clad Woman

The Nevada Highway Patrol released dash cam video of one of their troopers saving a woman’s life on a busy highway. It happened last month on Interstate 15, KNSV reported. Trooper Dave Becker was on patrol when he heard the call for a pedestrian on the highway. He saw a woman wearing nothing but a bikini on the left side of the busy roadway. The trooper got out of the car and tried to reason with her. But she took off running across the highway and he went after her. The video shows him pulling her from under a large red vehicle at the very last moment. “Even my sergeant asked me “why’d you go after her?” My job’s to keep her safe, she took off I took off, its what we do,” he told KNSV. The woman was taken to a hospital. The trooper went back to work.