Wisconsin Troopers presented heroism awards by Govenor

wisconsin awards


Four troopers with the Wisconsin State Patrol received awards in Madison Wednesday presented by Governor Scott Walker.  Two of those troopers are with the Eau Claire Post.  They received division awards for courageous actions and exemplary service.  Trooper Bill Lindeman of Chippewa Falls attended the awards ceremony where he received a certificate and a pin.  On November 18, 2015, Lindeman and Eau Claire County Sheriff's Deputy Dave Riewestahl responded to a call for a woman having a cardiac attack.  "I got there and we started doing two person CPR until the fire department arrived," said Trooper Lindeman.  Thanks to their efforts, the victim got a pulse back and started breathing before being transported to a hospital.  Trooper Lindeman received a lifesaving award for assisting with a medical emergency.  Trooper Bill Lindeman said he's honored to be recognized, and he hopes it shows people the importance of learning basic life-saving skills, such as CPR.  "That's really what saves people's lives is that basic stuff at the start if somebody's trained.  Getting that person to hang on until advanced life support gets there," said Trooper Bill Lindeman.  Trooper Steven Wojcik of Strum wasn't able to attend the ceremony, but was recognized for his valiant attempt to save the life of an Osseo man with difficulty breathing in September 2016.  While Wojcik did get a pulse back by doing CPR, the man died on the way to the hospital.  The troopers were nominated for their efforts because of their compassion and dedication in attempting to save lives and showing courage during stressful conditions.  They say they're just doing their jobs.  "Happy to do it.  I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to do something like that," said Trooper Lindeman.