Trooper Timothy Pratt remembered as "hero of heroes" at funeral


The long gray line of the New York State Police got a lot longer and a lot more colorful Monday morning.  New York State troopers were joined by their brethren from Canada, Massachusetts and even Texas.  They were all in South Glens Falls to honor Tim Pratt, a man who was all in for South Glens Falls.  A founding member of the South High Marathon Dance, he was born and raised here.  Raised his family here. And today his funeral was held here, his sons doing the readings and his daughter adding humor to a somber ceremony.  Sarah Pratt reminding the 800 people gathered inside, including New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, how much Tim Pratt loved to laugh out loud.
  "His laugh was more like a scream.  Unique, a sound I will yearn to hear for the rest of my life," she said.  Tim Pratt died Wednesday morning after being hit by a car while helping a lost trucker.  Whether at work or in the community, Pratt lived to help others.
He was honored in 2015 by the Marathon Dance for all his years of support.  His children and granddaughter presenting him with a plaque.  "Happy to be here and make sure everybody gets home safe."  The deep-voiced Pratt is heard saying to the enthusiastic young dancers.  Time and again, people talk about a man who was there for his family, his community and the public.  "How lucky we are to have known a man who was so dedicated to helping others," said New York State Police Superintendent George Beach.  "Tim Pratt reminds us, his life and death, about all that is good and noble in the profession to protect and serve," said Bishop Emeritus Howard Hubbard, who assisted in the service.  At the end of the nearly two hour ceremony, with police officers from across the country standing at attention, Trooper Pratt was carried to the hearse and his children were helped to their father's troop car for the ride to the cemetery.  Sarah Pratt reminding them all, "And he is inside each of you in my family and his family, and will always be."