Meet 'Statie" the elf, the newest Massachusetts State Police Recruit

MA Elf

Internet-savvy police departments across the country started posting images of “Elf on the Shelf” dolls to their social media accounts this month ahead of Christmas, Massachusetts State Trooper Dustin Fitch decided he wanted to buck the trend.  So he got creative.  In early December, Fitch, who handles social media operations for the state police, had a minuscule police uniform custom-tailored for an “elf,” slapped a teeny badge onto the blue suit, and then debuted to the world the newest pint-sized police recruit: “Statie” the elf.  “I just wanted to add a little holiday humor,” said Fitch of the elf doll, which has appeared on Twitter and Facebook dutifully helping officers with daily tasks. “I wanted to use an elf to humanize us. ... It shows how we are all just people, too, looking to enjoy the holidays with family and friends, like everyone else.”