Mother reunites with New Jersey State Troopers who helped deliver her baby

NJSP deliver baby

A mother reunited with the state troopers who helped her deliver her newborn baby.  NBC10 was at the Port Norris State Police Barracks Tuesday as the troopers held Ka'Niah Williams."If it wasn't for them, I don't even know if she would be here," Ka'Niah's mother Deshyamma Dalton said. "I'm thankful. I'm really thankful."  On January 19, Deshyamma Dalton needed help. In labor with her baby girl, Dalton desperately pulled into the parking lot of the Port Norris State Police Barracks, a decision that may have saved her child.  Four state troopers rushed to her aid and helped deliver her daughter in the back of her van. The baby arrived just seconds after Dalton pulled into the parking lot.  On Tuesday Dalton returned to the same place Ka’Niah’s life began to give thanks to the troopers who came to the rescue. During the reunion, everyone was thankful the scene was much calmer.  “It was nice to see them again in a lot less stressful situation,” said State Trooper Andrew Abdill.  “We’re happy to have a successful ending and this was just icing on the cake," said Trooper Matthew Hanlin.  Dalton’s mother Katrina Govan says she is grateful for the officers’ quick response.  “So many people talk about the different things that the state troopers go through," Govan said.  “All the negative.  But a lot of people need to know the positive.”  The good deeds didn’t stop there- Ka’Niah went home with gifts from the troopers as Valentine’s Day is just one week away.  But like any good day, Dalton says they’ll be back next week to give the troopers a gift of their own.

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