Florida Highway Patrol revives 'Arrive Alive' campaign but with a new twist



The Florida Highway Patrol-- along with local sheriffs and police chiefs-- is dusting off a decades-old 'Arrive Alive' program, but with a new twist. Data.  Analysts are combing through mountains of crash data in an effort to isolate areas in each county where there has been an uptick in fatal car crashes or serious injuries.  FHP Director, Colonel Gene Spaulding, says this doesn't just mean dusting off old signs.  “We’re identifying hot spots-- three to five hot spots in every county.  Where the biggest increase, the biggest number of fatal and serious bodily injury cases are occurring.  And believe it or not, you’d be amazed at how it overlays with the crime in the area too.  You look at the local crime data.  So disability, presence, awareness, education, and enforcement, if need be, is the key to this program,” says Colonel Spaulding.  The FHP director says one reason crime data mirrors crash data is because criminal elements include speeding, impaired driving, and driving recklessly.