Michigan State Trooper describes how two good Samaritans saved his life

MSP Trooper Samaritans

Two men are in custody all thanks to the help of good Samaritans. They stopped to help the officer who was being attacked.  For the first time, we're hearing from the officer and the man who helped him.  The Michigan state trooper described it as being in slow motion even though it took about 5 minutes for everything to happen.  The trooper says there was a moment where he began to think the worst.  Michigan State Trooper Garry Guild, was patrolling U.S. 31 Monday morning.  That’s when he clocked a motorcyclist going 92 miles an hour.  "Activated my overhead lights.  Got behind the motorcycle about two three car lengths.  He pulled over to the shoulder, slowed down briefly and sped away at a high rated speed,” said Guild.  Guild followed the driver to the Niles Buchanan exit.  Michael Barber, 21, lost control and crashed.  When Guild approached him, he didn't listen.  That's when police say the two got into a physical altercation.  "So I am trying to secure him and secure my duty weapon into my holster--put it into the holster. I'm on top of him.  Trying to get him in hand cuffs,” said Guild.  While restraining Barber, Guild saw 19-year-old Travis Wise sprinting towards him but not to help.  "The next thing I know, I'm in full choke-hold.  He comes behind me and puts his elbow around my neck.  He wrenched me back about 5 to 10 feet,” said Guild.  That's when Jerry Burnham happened to be driving by.  "We were on our way down the bypass heading towards Niles to get our taxes done.  We came up on this scene.  This motorcycle laying on the side of the road and a squad car.  My wife started yelling that the police officer needed help and told me to stop and help,” said Burnham.  Burnham and another man pulled Wise off the trooper.  They held him until help arrived.  Burnham said he didn't think twice about helping.  “I really was still kind of in shock that I even got out to do something.  I just did it.  I think that he was in need of help, and that's what we should do,” said Burnham.  Burnham says several other cars passed by and even slowed, but didn't help.  He says he was in the right place at the right time.  Guild says he tries not to think about what could have happened without help from a good Samaritan.