El Paso boy united with service dog and former Vermont state trooper who changed his life

El Paso service dog

An El Paso boy was united with a friend that will change his life forever.  It’s a story about a boy finding his best friend, a mother looking for hope, and a man with a dog across the country wanting to change a life.  And this story all started with a laugh.  Tristan Siller is a five-year-old boy who fell in love with a dog named Max.  Max is a former K-9 Unit dog for the Vermont state troopers.  “The first time we saw a max video was when Tristan was in the hospital,” said Monica Siller, Tristan’s mother.  Siller said her son suffers from a condition.  “He was supposed to be admitted into a hospital to start a diet, but he was admitted because he had a twenty-minute seizure,” Siller said.  During Tristan’s time in the hospital, his mother said he found comfort from Max the dog.  “We were on Facebook and that video showed up, and I showed it to Tristan,” Siller said.   “Once I showed him, it was like a complete change.  He went from being sad and upset to this super happy laughing baby.”  Max’s owner, Nick Arlington is a former Vermont state trooper.  He recorded a video of Max chasing water from a hose and posted it on Max’s Facebook page.  Siller recorded her son laughing at the video of Max, and then sent it to Arlington.  “She told me he has autism with seizures, and I ended up asking her if he had a service dog or not,” Arlington said.  Arlington and Max helped Siller raise $10,000 in order for Tristan to get his own service dog to help with his seizures.  Siller recently drove to Colorado Springs to get her son’s service Dog, Mooshu.  Mooshu is a new friend for Tristan, and their relationship is a start to a new life.  “Mooshu is a very good protector,” Siller said.  “As soon as he sees Tristan on the floor Mooshu runs to see if he’s okay.  Tristan calms down much faster now that Mooshu is around.”  But that isn’t the only person who is around.  “I never actually met Monica or Tristan in real life,” Arlington said.  “I figured that now that I live in Florida, it’s only a 24-hour drive to El Paso.”  Arlington came to El Paso to see Tristan and Mooshu together for the first time.  “It’s so awesome that he’s here,” Siller said.  “We get to actually meet the person who potentially saved my son’s life.”  “Just to see the happiness that Mooshu brings to Tristan is incredible,” Arlington said. “That’s what it’s about.”  Siller said she couldn’t be more grateful for all the help Arlington provided.  As for Arlington, he is retired from the Vermont state police along with his dog Max.  They are both living in Florida.  “Max is doing well,” Arlington said.  “He’s enjoying the retirement life by gaining 20 pounds.”