Firefighters honored for saving state trooper's life


Department of Public Safety Trooper Ronald Slay underwent a physical assessment test on Sept. 8, 2016 at the Killeen DPS office and was driving home when he suddenly felt ill.  He stopped at Killeen Fire Station No. 3, and it’s a good thing he did, because he was suffering a major heart attack.  Firefighters John MacDonald, Brian Hammes, and Clark Channel checked him out as they waited for paramedics Matthew Harper and Chris Shelley to arrive.  On the way to the hospital, Harper and Shelly performed CPR after he went into cardiac arrest.  Slay made a full recovery and returned to work in January.  "We take a lot of things for granted and it was just a blessing to see the sun the grass the trees,” Slay said.  “I made it a habit when I recovered to go back and talk to those guys and send flowers and just let them know how much I appreciated them.  "The five firefighters were presented with the Department of Public Safety Director’s Award during a ceremony Friday at the Killeen Central Fire Station.  "In our day-to-day routine of taking patients to the hospital, we usually don't get to see what the outcome is or ever cross paths with that patient again,” MacDonald said.  “So it was really good to see the outcome and now we have a lifelong friendship with Mr. Slay.”