State Patrol to set up OVI checkpoints

OSHP OVI Checkpoints

The Ohio State Highway Patrol will once again be cracking down on intoxicated drivers this summer by using checkpoints and having more troopers on the road.  Lt. Brian Aller, commander of the state patrol’s Springfield Post, said his office is working on setting up OVI checkpoints over the summer and will also have troopers working overtime to stop dangerous drivers.  “We are trying to keep people who are impaired off the roadway so they don’t kill people who hurt somebody,” Aller said.  He said his office is committed to the safety of the roadways, and an intoxicated driver threatens everyone.  “We will have an influx of units who work traffic on overtime, and they look for impaired drivers and other criminal activity,” he said.  The Marysville post will be setting up OVI checkpoints soon, Lt. Molly Harris said.  She said she notices an increase in impaired driving during the summer months.  “I think if you think about your own cookouts and hanging out with friends most of those are usually held in the summer,” she said.  “Bon fires and different functions.”  She said in her area, Indian Lake is a popular attraction this time of year and can be good fun for all.  But it is important that everyone acts responsibly when its time to go home.  Checkpoints and increased patrols will hopefully remind drivers that putting their life and the lives of others at risk is not OK.  “We want to make sure we are visible and people know we are out here,” she said.  Wearing seat belts and being a cautious driver is also important safety tips that Ohioans should follow this summer, Harris said.