Idaho State Troopers and citizens honored for saving man's life

Idaho state troopers save mans life

On April 4, 68-year-old Rick Records' heart stopped beating.  Now, he is alive and recovering thanks to the efforts of two Idaho State Police troopers.  "It's exciting to be a part of something of this magnitude.  Of something this special," said Senior Trooper LaLande.  Loved ones surprised troopers Jason Lalande and Kirill Fomin at Idaho State Police headquarters in Jerome as they were honored by the department.  Lalande was given the ISP Life Saving Award while Fomin was given a letter of commendation.  "I was surprised that my family was here.  They were actually telling us that we were going to be doing something completely different," Fomin said.  Back in April, the two were involved in saving the life of Washington state resident Rick Records.  "It feels good.  I'm glad that he's going to be OK," Fomin said.  The 68-year-old was at producers livestock in Jerome when his heart stopped.  Lalonde and Fomin responded.  "It could have been tragedy," Lalonde said.  But both gave credit to two Producers employees for starting CPR before they could get to the scene.  "Starting resuscitation efforts immediately, they basically gave this gentleman back to his family," Lalonde said.  For their efforts, Levi Robertson of Meridian and Todd Rice of Jerome received citizen awards from the department.  "I played my role the same as everybody else did, but I think the two of them should be held in the highest esteem because they gave everybody else something to work with," Lalonde said.  But neither man said they felt like a hero.  "You can put the hero stamp on it, or whatever you want to do, but it's probably bigger than we can all really imagine it to be," Robertson said.  They said they feel like the troopers, happy to have been there to help.  "You just kind of do what needs done and then you think about it later and we're just grateful he made it," Rice said.  The Records family weren't able to be there Monday, they're back in Washington while Rick recovers, but they sent a letter thanking the men who helped save their husband, father and grandfather.