South Carolina Highway Patrol graduates 33 new troopers

SCHP Graduates 33 new troopers

The South Carolina Highway Patrol announces the graduation of 33 troopers from Highway Patrol Basic Class 92 on Friday.  Gov. Nikki Haley spoke to the graduates about the sacrifices of law enforcement and the importance of character as they go out to represent their communities around the state.  The governor has spoken at the last four Highway Patrol graduation ceremonies.  “You have proven yourself to be able to wear this uniform but now there is something else you have to prove,” Gov. Haley told graduates.  “You have brothers and sisters who have come before you and wearing that badge and wearing that uniform means something,” Haley said.  “So, when you are out in the community, you have a responsibility.  When you are not in uniform they still expect you to have the same integrity, the same demeanor as when you are wearing a uniform.”  Basic 92 will bring the total number of troopers in South Carolina to 762.  The troopers began training in January and have been trained by the Highway Patrol and Criminal Justice Academy over the past 21 weeks in all areas of law enforcement including DUI detection, traffic laws, collision investigation and the use of firearms as well as three weeks of field training.  Director Leroy Smith said, “Being a public servant isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are.  You have to have a passion to help one another and I know that passion resides in each and every one of you. Law enforcement is a calling.  It is more than just a paycheck.  It is more than just a pension.  You are now in the lifesaving business.  That’s what we do and we do it well.”  SCHP Col. Mike Oliver said, “You have now earned the privilege to wear the grey uniform and campaign hat of a South Carolina state trooper.  Your training has been long and difficult, the vocation you have taken as a public servant is likewise a difficult journey, your time away from home, however, has been to serve a greater good.”