Humor On The Highways

Drunk Driver Pulls Himself Over

by Cpl. Michael Farrell, Alabama State Troopers

Eighteen years ago, I was a rookie trooper riding with my field training officer. We were parked on the shoulder of Hwy. 231, south of Montgomery, Ala. It was midnight and we had just finished writing a ticket and had released the violator. We still had our blue lights flashing and our inside dome light was on as my training officer was showing me how to record the ticket on my daily activity log.

Traffic was very light, almost nonexistent. A pickup truck coming from behind passed by and suddenly pulled onto the shoulder of the road in front of us, sliding to a stop. My training officer told me to get out of the patrol car and go see what the motorist wanted.

As I approached the vehicle, I noticed a man sitting behind the wheel. As I got close to the driver’s side window, I asked him, “Sir, can I help you?”

He leaned toward the window and angrily yelled, “What do you mean, can you help me? You’re the one who pulled me over!”

At this point, I could smell the alcohol reeking from the vehicle and knew the motorist was heavily intoxicated. Not sure quite what to do, I told the motorist to sit tight for just a minute. I walked back to the patrol car and told my training officer, “The driver is drunk and he thinks that we pulled him over. What do I do?”


My training officer yelled back, “Arrest his #$$!”


We arrested the subject for DUI and took him to jail. He pled guilty, never knowing that he pulled himself over that night.