Arkansas State Troopers surprise 14-year-old with act of kindness

ASP buy bike

A small act of kindness made a big difference for one young boy.  Arkansas State Police Crimes Against Children Investigator Kristi Kirkwood got a visit from 14-year-old Christopher Wooten. Wooten told her he wanted to be an Arkansas State Trooper and had come to the office to start on the path to his career.  Kirkwood, who isn't an Arkansas State Trooper, said she would pass Wooten's message on to some troopers for him.  However, she ended up passing on a very different message.   When Wooten left, Kirkwood noticed his bike was in very bad shape.  It didn't have a seat and the wheels were beaten up.  Kirkwood reached out to Troop G in Hope to see what she could do for Wooten.  Troop G's Cpl. Bernard Pettit then reached out to Pink Behind the Thin Blue Line, a non-profit organization that his wife is a part of.  "We loved the idea," said member Christy Pettit.  According to her, the board voted on and approved buying Wooten a new bike within five minutes.  Wednesday, according to the Arkansas State Police Facebook page, three Miller County members of Troop G and a member of Pink Behind the Thin Blue Line brought a special surprise to Wooten's house.   "Let me see your bike.  I heard you didn't have a seat on it.  I may have one in my car," said Cpl. Pettit.  Wooten brought out his bike for Cpl. Pettit who then walked to his car.  "Well Chris, I'm sorry I don't have a seat, but I do have a bike," said Cpl. Pettit.  Wooten was speechless. The troopers reassured him several times that the bike was for him.  "It was so precious," said Christy Pettit.  In addition to the bike, Wooten also got to spend some time with the troopers.  They "trained him" on patrol procedures, dash cameras, report writing, and even arrest and search procedures, according to the ASP Facebook page.