Washington Trooper pulls suicidal man back from ledge of bridge, saves life

WSP Suicidal Man

A Washington State Patrol trooper is credited with saving the life of a suicidal man on Aug. 11.  The trooper responded to the Snohomish River Bridge, where he saw a man standing on the ledge of the bridge, looking down to the water, police said.  Trooper Holodkov went to the man and spoke with him, encouraging him down from the ledge.  When Trooper Holodkov got close, the man jumped over the side of the bridge.  Police say Holodkov grabbed the man’s shirt and pulled him back.  The man was taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation.  “The Washington State Patrol's motto is "Service with Humility" and we strive to make a difference every day,” police said. “The actions of Trooper Holodkov on August 11 illustrate the extent in which our Troopers are dedicated to our motto and mission even when faced with a dangerous situation.”