Deputy accidentally shoot Oregon state trooper with Taser, apologizes with cake

Oregon trooper tased

An Oregon state trooper received a cake as an apology after an Umatilla County deputy accidentally shot him with a Taser while they both responded to a domestic violence call.  A state police Facebook post Monday shows Trooper Mitchell Goldman smiling while holding the white frosting cake brought to him by the unidentified deputy who shocked the trooper and a suspect at the same time last week.  On the top: "Sorry you got tased" written in blue icing.  Goldman arrived at the scene first and encountered a man who "became belligerent" after the trooper tried to pat him down to check if he had any weapons, according to state police.  The two got into a scuffle, which was still going on when the deputy arrived.  The deputy fired his Taser.  One prong hit the suspect.  The other hit Goldman.   "Since they were in contact with each other, they both took the tase," police said in the post.  It's not clear what happened to the man or Goldman after that.  State police and Umatilla County Sheriff Terry Rowan didn't immediately respond to requests for further details.  The deputy brought the cake for Goldman out of guilt, the post said.  On Dec. 4, Goldman shared the photo of himself and the cake on his Facebook page.