Massachusetts State trooper meets newborn baby after helping rush mom to hospital


Mariana and Isaac Merino are all smiles. Their bundle of joy was delivered safely and just in the nick of time all thanks to Massachusetts State Police Trooper Daniel Gill. “I had to step it up a little bit and get here,” Trooper Gill said, talking about his mad dash to the hospital for the delivery of Samuel Alexander Mello Merino who was born on Father’s Day. Mariana said she went into labor Sunday morning. Dad was in Boston stuck in traffic so Mariana had a friend drive her to the hospital. On the way, they spotted Trooper Gill on the side of the highway issuing a ticket to another driver. “As soon as we pulled over another contraction started so I was like tapping on the window looking at him and I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t say anything,” Mariana Merino said. Trooper Gill immediately placed her into his cruiser and double-timed it to St. Vincent Hospital, the same hospital where he had his own two children. “The blue lights helped us cut through traffic so we were able to get their quicker than mom would have,” Gill said. On Tuesday, Gill met with the family and held Sammy for the first time. “It’s excellent especially happening on Father’s Day it was very special,” Gill said. Sammy is 6lbs 13oz and happy to be on his way home. “Thankfully Officer Gill was here and he really helped out my family. It’s my best Father’s Day yet,” Isaac Merino said.