Alabama man helps save state trooper after tornado sent trees crashing down on their vehicles.

Alabama man helps save state trooper after tornado sent trees crashing down on their vehicles pic1Alabama man helps save state trooper after tornado sent trees crashing down on their vehicles pic2Alabama man helps save state trooper after tornado sent trees crashing down on their vehicles pic3Alabama man helps save state trooper after tornado sent trees crashing down on their vehicles pic4Alabama man helps save state trooper after tornado sent trees crashing down on their vehicles pic5

January 14, 2023         

The tornado warning arrived in Alexander City, Alabama, at 1:25 pm CT. Fifty-six-year-old cattle farmer Greg Jones saw sun, clouds, sprinkles of rain. Little did he know that within moments, he would escape death. Little did he know that he would soon help save the life of an Alabama state trooper.

Greg Jones loves his 2008 white Dodge pickup truck. His father gifted him the truck in 2020 with only 71,000 miles on the odometer, the truck is a trusted friend. It was Thursday afternoon at about 1:45 when Greg drove down Elkahatchee Road in Alex City. The wind seemed to be picking up.

Greg Jones has never been afraid to get his hands dirty. He loves farming, and his cows, horses and pigs bring him joy. Greg’s sons Josh and Ryan are always nearby, ready to help. Just like they helped Greg on Elkahatchee Road.

Greg Jones slowed down as he approached Cedar Creek Road.

The sound from outside sounded different, eerie, in fact. An Alabama state trooper passed by and Greg looked in his rearview mirror. State Trooper Jake Smith flashed his blue lights and pulled a U-turn, as he heard the sound, too.

It happened so quickly. The huge tree smashed on top of the roof of Trooper Smith’s cruiser, smashing him down into his seat. Shattered glass everywhere. Within seconds, it was Greg Jones’ turn.

Four trees, five trees, perhaps more. Greg Jones the country boy cried out as the sharp pain in his back burned like a hot iron. His beloved Dodge pick-up truck was a loss. His life nearly was, too.

Through the glass shards, Greg Jones crawled out of his truck through the back window-he could barely stand, as the pain was unbearable. But when Greg Jones glanced to his right and saw a state trooper's car smashed like an accordion? The cattle farmer knew exactly what to do.

“I tried to pull the cruiser’s door open, but it was stuck,” Greg said Friday from his UAB Hospital bed. “I prayed and took a deep breath, placing my feet on the police cruiser. I pulled as hard as I could, but I was in so much pain. Finally, I pulled the trooper out of his car.”

It was moments later when Josh and Ryan Jones pulled up near the scene — they happened to be driving on Elkahatchee Road, too.

“It was a mess,” Josh said. “It took us 20 minutes to navigate through debris to reach my dad. Both dad and Trooper Smith were taken to Russell Medical Center in Alexander City."

Late Thursday night, Greg was transferred to UAB Hospital with a broken back — his 11th and 12th vertebrae were shot.

And now for the rest of the story.

Just prior to Greg’s departure to Birmingham, the cattle farmer looked up to see two people walk into his Alex City hospital room. Standing before him were Trooper Jake Smith and his wife Megan.

“Trooper Smith suffered some minor injuries, but he still wanted to check on me and thank me for helping him,” Greg said.

Greg Jones is going through some tests today in Birmingham before UAB doctors determine his future care. In the meantime, Greg wants us to know that he considers it a miracle that he and Trooper Smith are alive.

“I am a person of faith,” Greg said. “We both could have been killed, but the Lord was looking out for both of us. I have thanked the Lord many times since yesterday.”

Greg Jones is hoping for a bright 2023. He’s very sad that his trusty Dodge pickup truck is a total loss.

"You can consider me riderless,” Greg said. “I don’t have the money to buy a new truck, but I’ll try to do my best to save money.”

The cattle farmer is hoping his back can be repaired so he can get back to work. Until then, he’s thrilled that Trooper Smith is OK, and he’s thankful that two lives were spared on a Thursday afternoon.

Two lives spared, thanks to teamwork and faith.

Two lives spared, after what is an unforgettable story that can now be told:

The Miracle On Elkahatchee Road.Line



January 12, 2023

Congratulations to Class 558, our newest Arizona State Troopers! Colonel Hunter addressed the 27 graduates, presented their badges and read them the Oath of Office during their graduation ceremony in Mesa.Line

Pennsylvania State Police Welcomes 102 New Troopers

Pennsylvania State Police Welcomes 102 New Troopers pic 12323

Dec 28, 2022

Harrisburg, PA – Colonel Robert Evanchick, commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police, announced that 102 cadets have graduated from the Pennsylvania State Police Academy. The class was the 165th to graduate from the academy in Hershey since it opened in 1960.

Colonel Evanchick told the cadets they have been given the tools needed to succeed. He said it is now up to them to apply what they have learned.

“I ask you to never compromise yourself or your fellow troopers, and always maintain your honor and integrity,” said Evanchick. “I have full faith in your abilities and devotion to protect and serve the residents and visitors of this commonwealth.”

Six cadets received special awards and recognition during today’s ceremony at Bishop McDevitt High School in Dauphin County:

Cody J. Dugan received the Ronald M. Sharpe Leadership Award for exemplifying the qualities of leadership;

Cole J. Zapf received the John K. Schafer Memorial Award for the highest combined score on a series of physical skills tests;

Casey L. Ward received the American Legion Award for all-around academic, physical, ethical, and moral qualifications;

Gage T. Fischer received the Daniel F. Dunn High Scholastic Award for the highest level of academic achievement in the class;

Kyle J. Morton received the Colonel Paul J. Chylak Memorial Driver Proficiency Award for the highest proficiency in driver safety training;

Ryan G. Reilly received the Sergeant Charles B. Gesford High Pistol Award for the highest score on the department’s pistol qualification course.

The new troopers will report to the following stations on Jan. 3:

Troop B, Belle Vernon
Cameron K. Allmendinger
Troop B, Uniontown
Tyler E. Barry
Jesse J. Gillespie
Jeremy R. Miller
Jordan L. Miller
Jenna Mulet
Alexander A. Nemec
Derek D. Richards
Troop B, Waynesburg
Bo H. Ricci
Mina L. Tomovich Thompson
Troop C, Clarion
Brandon E. Hoffman
Troop C, Clearfield
Joseph DiPietro IV
Alex T. Verne
Troop C, Lewis Run
Rex E. Martin Jr.
Kyle J. Morton
Joshua M. Perkins
Troop C, Marienville
Caleb A. Baxter
Dylan R. Cyphert
Troop C, Punxsutawney
Gary J. Evans
Troop C, Ridgway
Kaelie A. Fox
Brendan D. Laird
Joseph A. Tommelleo
Troop D. Kittanning
Anthony D. Bertoluzzi
Joseph J. Daransky
Andrew J. Dindinger
Troop D. New Castle
Vincent G. Buonpane
Troop E, Corry
George D. Dufala III
Elijah M. Kaufman
Troop F, Coudersport

Gage T. Fischer
Ryan S. Querry
Benjamin D. Sterling
Luke T. Stutsman
Troop F, Emporium
Hailee C. McCandless
Troop F, Lamar
Dylan N. Krivosky
Troop F, Mansfield
Alexander D. Rivers
Troop F, Milton
Timothy B. Hummel
Casey L. Ward
Troop F, Montoursville
Evan R. Llanso
Christopher S. Moore Jr.
Troop H. Carlisle
Christopher L. Cannino
Jason C. Cutshall
Micah P. Wise
Troop H, Chambersburg
Antoinette R. Cross
Daniel C. Miley
Catherine A. Miller
Spenser C. Myers
Kevin P. Rhodes
Troop H, Gettysburg
Daniel J. Keene
Ryan G. Reilly
Ethan D. Rhoads
Troop H, Harrisburg
David C. Jeffers
Trevor N. Royer
Kaitlyn J. Smith
Troop H. Lykens
Brandon B. Boyd
Cody J. Dugan
Troop H. Newport
Gage J. Boreman
Troop J, Avondale
Andrew J. Bernier
Chandler B. Melchior
Daquan A. Worley
Troop J, Embreeville
Cole J. Zapf
Troop J, Lancaster
Melissa S. Brett
Joshua I. Croyle
Ryan J. Kalinich
Blaize A. Raisner
Troop J, York
Matthew T. Anderson Jr.
Kirsten E. Deck
Ethan I. Healey
Jesse R. Huber
Frank C. Montecalvo III
Joseph C. Moore
Mark A. Stephens Jr.
Parker M. Wallace
Troop K. Media
Marie E. Haydak
David S. Milligan
Tyler W. Moyer
Jose A. Russi
Joseph A. Sivo
Troop K, Philadelphia
David S. Litovsky
Nicholas P. Nowak
Glenn W. Seymour Jr.
Troop L, Jonestown
McKenzy A. Keener
Mark A. Mlynek
Troop L, Reading

Michael J. Bozym
David R. Piestrak
Ethan P. Shane
Troop L, Schuylkill Haven

Cole W. Weil
Troop M, Bethlehem
Raheem O. Ford
Andres F. Orozco-Castillo
Michael J. Stasko Jr.
Tydus J. Winstead
Troop M, Dublin
David M. Rybicki
Julian T. Stires
Troop M, Fogelsville
Anthony M. Chidiac
Caleb D. Stoeckmann
Michael Torres
Troop N, Stroudsburg
Richard A. Grippi
Dylan M. Walck
Troop P, Towanda
Austin J. Altemus
Santino J. Alunni
Colton B. Babcock
Alexander K. Gregoire
Logan J. Knapp

Tempe police chief named next director of Arizona Department of Public Safety

Tempe police chief named next director of Arizona Department of Public Safety pic 12023

January 2023

The Arizona Department of Public Safety has found its next director following the retirement of Col. Heston Silbert earlier this month.

Tempe Police Chief Jeff Glover has been named Director of Department of Public Safety

Chief Glover began his career with the Tempe Police Department in October of 1999. After serving the department in a variety of capacities, on October 12, 2020, he was appointed as Chief of Police of the Tempe Police Department.

Glover holds a bachelor’s degree in Education from Northern Arizona University, and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration through the University of Phoenix.

Glover is a graduate of the FBI National Academy Command School.

Chief Glover will begin his new position in mid-February, but an exact date hasn’t been announced.Line

Virginia State troopers rescue dog on Capital Beltway in Fairfax

Virginia State Police rescue dog on beltway pic1 11923Virginia State Police rescue dog on beltway pic2 11923

Jan 15, 2023

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Virginia State Police troopers, with help from local animal protection officers, rescued a dog from Interstate 495 in Fairfax County and got him back home safely.

According to police, on the evening of Saturday, Jan. 14, troopers were made aware that a dog had gotten loose in the southern area of the Beltway in Fairfax near Alexandria. With the help of an alert driver, the troopers were able to find the dog and get him into one of their cruisers.

After rescuing the dog from the Beltway, the troopers waited for Fairfax County Animal Protection officers to arrive and get him back home safely.Line