Minnesota State Patrol puts current, classic cars on display for agency's 90 anniversary

Minn SP cars display for 90th anniversaryminn sp cars display for 90 anniversary1


Minnesota State Patrol squads today and yesteryear were on display on the State Capitol grounds on Thursday as the agency celebrated its 90th anniversary.

The vehicles included a:

  • 1930 Harley Davidson motorcycle
  • 1930 Ford Model A
  • 1954 Ford
  • 1979 Dodge
  • 2017 Ford Explorer
  • 2019 Dodge Charger
  • 2019 Ford Taurus Interceptor

The Minnesota State Legislature created the Minnesota Highway Patrol in 1929 in response to an automobile boom. The initial force was comprised of nine men.  Nearly 600 troopers now enforce traffic safety laws, educate Minnesotans about the importance of traffic safety, investigate and reconstruct serious crashes, conduct flight patrols and search-and-rescue missions, and assist other law enforcement agencies.



Photo shows total destruction of two Delaware State Police vehicles

Deleware cruiser pileup

The Delaware State Police were on on scene of a crash that occurred at approximately 4:15 a.m., Wednesday, May 8, 2019, on southbound State Route 1 at the crest of the Roth Bridge. The initial investigation has determined that two Delaware State Troopers, who were operating separate vehicles, were stopped in the southbound right lane on the bridge, assisting a disabled motorist. One Trooper was seated in his vehicle and a second Trooper was outside the vehicles making contact with the motorist, who was also out of his vehicle. A tractor-trailer traveling southbound in the right lane, struck the rear of the first unoccupied DSP vehicle, causing a chain reaction crash. As a result of the crash both Troopers were transported to the Christiana Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The tractor-trailer driver and other motorist were not injured.



Texas State Trooper named American Association of State Troopers 2019 Trooper of the Year


2019 Trooper of the year Corporal Moer


 Corporal Joshua Moer, of the Texas Department of Public Safety, has been recognized nationally for his quick and decisive actions when rescuing a kidnapping victim who was also being stabbed repeatedly.

       The American Association of State Troopers recognized Corporal Moers’ heroic actions by naming him the 2019 Trooper of the Year for, saving the life of a severely injured kidnapping victim and apprehending the violent assailant as well as keeping the citizens of Wichita County, Texas safe.

       On April 26, 2018, Anthony L. Carter kidnapped Kaylea Renee Butts in Norman, Oklahoma. The pair traveled to Wichita County, Texas where a vehicle pursuit involving several law enforcement agencies ensued for approximately 35 miles, and reached speeds up to 150 miles per hour. Near the conclusion of the pursuit Corporal Moer was the lead unit. After assisting officers successfully deployed spike strips Carter’s car came to a complete stop, Ms. Butts exited the vehicle and was chased and tackled by Carter. Carter was on top of Ms. Butts and was violently stabbing her with a large knife. Realizing that minutes mattered, Corporal Moer discharged his pistol at Carter from approximately 40 yards away to stop Carter’s violent assault on Ms. Butts. Corporal Moer’s shot hit Carter, thus briefly delaying the assault. Trooper Aaron Clopton arrived at the scene, exited his vehicle with his patrol rifle. Corporal Moer and Trooper Clopton quickly advanced towards Carter and Ms. Butts. Corporal Moer gave verbal commands for Carter to stop, however, he refused to comply and continued to stab Ms. Butts. Both Corporal Moer and Trooper Clopton discharged their weapons at Carter to stop the aggravated assault. Carter eventually fell off Ms. Butts and died, ending the attack. Corporal Moer had discharged his pistol 11 times striking Carter with each round. After determining that Carter was no longer a threat, Corporal Moer returned to Ms. Butts and started to provide first aid along with other first responders until EMS arrived and transported Ms. Butts to the hospital. Ms. Butts received approximately 13 stab wounds and lost approximately 5 pints of blood. Due to the quick actions of Corporal Moer to stop Carter’s assault on Ms. Butts and the immediate first aid provided to her by Moer and others, Ms. Butts not only survived the aggravated assault, but she made a substantial recovery from her wounds and significant blood loss.

     In this highly stressful situation, Corporal Moer displayed leadership and courage that saved the life of Ms. Butts. Corporal Moer maintained his composure and relied on his training while using sound judgement. After the event, Corporal Moer showed compassion, but knew he had based his actions and decision on a deep reverence for human life.  A presentation ceremony will be held on August 8, 2019 in Austin, Texas at the Public Safety Commission August meeting.

            (Warning:  This video contains graphic images).  Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNkMmfJ01hE

 AAST would like to acknowledge and congratulate the other trooper nominations for the 2019 AAST Trooper of the Year.

Joshua McDonnell & Rigoberto Diaz                       Arizona DPS Highway Patrol

Rockey Rapert                                                        Arkansas State Police

Chris Goodman                                                      Arkansas State Police

Korey Reynolds                                                      California Highway Patrol

Christopher Solda                                                   Delaware State Police

Cantrell Cooley                                                       Georgia Department of Public Safety

John Oreskovich                                                     Illinois State Police

Nicole R. Maenza                                                   Indiana State Police

Cody King                                                               Michigan State Police

Richard B. Latham                                                 Mississippi Highway Patrol

Steven B. Johnson                                                 Missouri State Highway Patrol

Joseph Dellabella                                                   Nevada Highway Patrol

Keith Ashley                                                            New Jersey State Police

Nicholas Clark                                                        New York State Police

Jeremy Wheeland                                                  Ohio State Highway Patrol

Christopher Jester                                                  Ohio State Highway Patrol

Paul Wilkins                                                            South Carolina Highway Patrol

James Holland                                                        TX Ranger Texas DPS

Austin Albright                                                         Virginia State Police




Tennessee Highway Patrol troopers dies in line-of-duty

TNHP Gatti Line of Duty Death

Trooper Matthew Gatti was killed when his patrol car was struck by a tractor-trailer on I-40 near mile marker 74 in Madison County. The incident occurred at approximately 3:45 pm as Trooper Gatti was responding to a call.



Mississippi Highway Patrol adds 44 new state troopers to their raks

MSP HP Gradutation

It was a dignified procession of 44 new Mississippi State Troopers filing from the Clyde Muse Center following graduation where they received their badges, hats and diplomas. Proud family and friends looked on as they took the oath to uphold the constitution and protect the citizens of the state. “We must also be caring and gentle, as well as strong and confident,” Governor Phil Bryant told the graduating class. Cadet Class 63 makes history in the Mississippi Highway Patrol with four women graduating.