Wyoming Highway Patrol gives awards to deputy and his wife for their efforts in saving the life of a trooper

WHP honors deputy and wife for saving troopers life

Beltrami County Deputy Sheriff Jeff Roberts and his wife, Linda Roberts, were recently honored and presented awards from the Wyoming Highway Patrol Association during a ceremony held at the Beltrami County Law Enforcement Center.  The awards were presented by Minnesota State Patrol Captain Mike Wedin and Sheriff Phil Hodapp on behalf of the Wyoming Highway Patrol Association for the efforts of the Roberts’ to save the life of a Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper involved in a motor vehicle collision on Sept. 22 while the Roberts were vacationing with their family in Wyoming, according to a press release from the Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office.  At approximately 9:30 p.m. on Sept. 22, deputy Roberts, his wife Linda and their two children were traveling near Sheridan, Wyo. on Interstate 90, following behind Wyoming State trooper David Motsick, who was following directly behind a Rapid City Fire Department Ambulance returning from a medical transport to Billings, Mont.  The ambulance and trooper were traveling in the left lane of Interstate 90, passing a semi-tractor trailer, when the ambulance took evasive action to avoid a head-on collision with a vehicle traveling the wrong direction on the interstate.  Trooper Motsick attempted to avoid the crash, but with little time to react, collided with the oncoming vehicle head on.  Motsick suffered multiple and significant life-threatening injuries.  Deputy Roberts and Linda, a North Memorial AirCare Flight Paramedic, stopped and rendered immediate aid to the trooper and the driver of the other vehicle.  Alongside the paramedics from the Rapid City Fire Department, flight medic Linda Roberts "was instrumental in lifesaving efforts,” the honor said.  Deputy Roberts assisted at the scene by immediately accessing the troopers radio and reported the collision and called for help.  He then assisted with retrieving supplies for the paramedics and made the scene safe by setting up and maintaining traffic control around the collision until other rescue personnel could arrive.  Jeff and Linda, along with the Rapid City Fire Department paramedics also attempted lifesaving efforts with the driver of the other vehicle, "however despite their earnest and best efforts, the subject unfortunately died due to the injuries suffered during the collision,” the release said.  For the injuries sustained during the performance of his duties, Trooper Motsick was awarded the Purple Heart and continues to rehabilitate from his injuries.  For the critical and urgent care rendered to Mostick, Linda and paramedics from the Rapid City Fire Department were awarded the Luke Schauland Medal of Life, and Deputy Jeff Roberts received the Meritorious Conduct Award.



Tennessee state troopers find 691 pounds of pot in vehicle

THP Drug bust

On Sunday, July 2, 2017, the Tennessee Highway Patrol Interdiction Plus Team conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle that was towing another vehicle on a trailer.  The stop occurred on Interstate 40 in Dickson County.  The license plate on the vehicle was concealed with a license plate cover.  During the traffic stop, the troopers observed signs of nervousness and stress from the driver, Jorge Gusman.  While checking the vehicle VIN number, Gusman fled on foot.  After a short foot pursuit, troopers were able to apprehend the suspect, and arrest him for the traffic violation as well as fleeing from the scene.  Troopers were given verbal consent by the driver to search the vehicle.  During the search, troopers discovered 28 bales of marijuana (which weighed 691 pounds) covered by blankets.   The marijuana was seized along with the vehicles. Gusman remains in the Dickson County Jail on a $105,000 bond.  “Our Interdiction Plus team does excellent investigative work keeping drug dealers off our roadways,” Colonel Tracy Trott said.   “It is our duty to make sure our communities are safe and drug free.”



New York State Police trooper killed in the line of duty

NYSP Trooper Davis line of duty death

Trooper Joel Davis was shot and killed in Theresa, New York, while responding to a domestic disturbance and shots fired call at 34371 Route 46.  At some point during the incident the male subject murdered his wife and wounded another woman who lived on the property. Trooper Davis was shot and killed after arriving at the scene.  The subject, an active duty Army member, surrendered as additional units arrived at the home.  Trooper Davis had served with the New York State Police for four years and had previously served with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.  He is survived by his wife and three children.



Safety is personal for South Caroline Highway Patrol's first black commander

SCHP Commander

Recalling how a drunk driver took a life dear to him, new S.C. Highway Patrol Commander Christopher Williamson said highway safety will be his top issue.  “We want to make sure we save people’s lives on the highways,” said Williamson, the first African-American to lead South Carolina’s highway troopers.  Williamson’s promotion was announced last Friday.  The State asked the Darlington County native about his nearly 30-year Highway Patrol career that led, last week, to him being placed in charge of policing S.C. highways and keeping travelers safe:

Q: What made you decide to join the Highway Patrol?

A: “I found my passion for law enforcement, wanting to be a law enforcement officer, at a young age of 12 years old.  My 9-year-old sister was killed by a drunk driver. ... I watched my parents go through that suffering and have to deal with it.  And my mentality then was that when I become of age, I would go to college, get a degree ... (and) take drunk drivers off the road and make a difference.  That’s what I’ve tried to do.”

Q: How do you feel about being the first African-American to lead the Highway Patrol?

A: “The fact that I’m African-American, I have no control over.  I just happen to be African-American, but I feel like I’m the colonel for all people regardless of the color of my skin.  I have the skill set, the ability, the education and the background to be able to do this job and save people’s lives and help accomplish the mission towards highway safety issues.”

Q: What have you learned about South Carolina as a highway patrolman?

A: “I’ve learned that if you work hard and treat people fair, do the right thing and show people your skill set and ability, that anything in this state is possible – that you can accomplish your dreams and goals and you can definitely be successful and move forward.”

Q: What challenges have you had to overcome on the Highway Patrol?

A: “(L)earning the laws of this state, learning what it takes to try to have to deal with people from all walks of life when you’re out there making traffic stops and trying to keep our highways safe.  You run into people from all walks of life, from all nationalities, from all parts of the world that travel through our roadways.  “And you may meet people with different personalities, and you’ve got to be a person in law enforcement that wears different hats.  People you stop – everybody’s not the same.  That can be a challenge if you are not a person that has those interpersonal skills and are able to converse with people on any level. ... I was able to learn that early on and it has really paid off for me.”



Trooper trapped under car saved by citizen using incredible strength to lift the vehicle

FHP Trooper saved by citizen

Many people think that lifting a car up is no problem, but attempt it and you won’t budge the thing. However, hero citizen Kenny Franklin had no issue getting a car lifted off of Florida State Trooper Jack Hypes, who was pinned under a vehicle according to Fox News. Franklin was taking an Uber to work on Thursday morning when his driver apparently suffered a seizure, on I-4 near I-275. The drivers foot was on the gas pedal during his episode, according to Franklin, and he felt as if he was going to die.   From the backseat of the car, he was somehow able to get the vehicle on the side of the road and that is when the Uber driver came out of his seizure. Franklin said that the driver “didn’t know where he was at, so he tried to put the car into a gear, and so he’s fumbling with the car.” Taking the opportunity to get out of the car, Kenny jumped out and saw Trooper Jack Hypes walking toward him. Franklin said, “He starts walking up towards me, to assist and assess the situation.  As he did that, the driver mistakenly puts the car in reverse and hits the officer, who is then pinned underneath the car.” With adrenaline racing through him, all he could think about was ‘that this needed to end well’. Using his adrenaline he was able to lift car off of Trooper Jack Hypes. It should be noted that Kenny Franklin is also a very big man. Luckily the trooper suffered non-life threatening injuries, but had some minor ones. The Florida Highway Patrol said that ‘all three men will be okay.’ They commended Franklin, who said he was in the right place at the right time.